Blast from the past

Seems like I haven’t really posted in like… 4 years.
This isn’t really a blog post and to be honest I’m not sure I’m going to really use this blog anymore. But it’s kind of interesting to read things I posted in depth years ago.
I don’t really use wordpress anymore, I’ve kind of switched all blogging over to Tumblr. I use Tumblr for blogging, social media, and following users with like interests/humor who post things related to my fandoms (is that still blogging?). I’m not sure if anyone will see this post. My Tumblr is fairly private and I’d prefer it to remain mostly anonymous, or at least I’d prefer most of my personal relationships to not find it.

Thanks to anyone who’s followed me. Who knows, maybe I will rebuild this blog?



So there are so many games being announced that I want all of a sudden. It seems there was a break from great sounding games but now there are tons!
For the 3DS we have Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I already have Alpha Sapphire preordered between the duo.
Next is Super Smash Bros. This is one of the reasons why I was thinking maybe I will wait longer about getting a WiiU Super Smash Bros on the 3DS just made me wonder if I even need to go buy a WiiU. That and when I heard that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming for the 3DS I was like, oh hey I can really say I don’t need a WiiU… the problem is now I need to go get the new 3DS…. Apparently the original can’t run Xenoblade. I still have yet to buy a few games for the 3DS that interest me but Pokemon, ¬†Super Smash, and Xenoblade come first; when they finally get here.
For the computer the only game that really interests me so far is the Sims 4… However I still want a couple games that have been out for a while, like Rome Total War II. (That’s the only one that comes to my mind at this moment, but I know there are more!)
Finally, for the WiiU, despite me saying I might not get one, if I do I would get the remake of the Wind Waker, as well as the upcoming Zelda game… Which I couldn’t find if a title for it was announced, so it’s just the “Upcoming Zelda game” for now.
I wouldn’t mind getting Super Smash Bros for it as well just to see the differences, plus I think it would still be much better than the 3DS.
Really that’s about it so in Short

Pokemon Alpha sapphire
Super Smash Bros 
Xenoblade Chronicles
Sims 4
Legend of Zelda (upcoming and the Wind Waker)

and I wouldn’t mind the New Nintendo 3DS, a WiiU… and maybe a new laptop just in case.


So the past couple years my political idea’s have changed. I have also stopped sharing my political opinions and well also have been not paying to politics as much.
First off, I am not liberal, conservative, nor am I libertarian. I am just Keith. I can say maybe I lean more conservative if I lay out everything. I also prioritize certain issues. If anything I might be part of a party that strongly favors the education system… In which we make it better, we also would teach students more respect and how to be polite… So maybe also with education come mental health.
I feel if we prioritze education we will have a better future which will fix a lot of major issues by understanding things… A backside to that is it would potentially raise highly opinionated people and split things up. But I still think having a strong education is key to the future people of the country.
With that said that is the only thing I am going to say about my politics. I might through in certain things that are part of my moral that might be considered political at some point. But that’s what I am leaving at.
The reason why I try to avoid politics is because it sometimes hurts peoples feelings. It raises tempers and sometimes people might regret certain things they say. Or they might change their idea’s a few years later and feel embarrassed for that. Not just that but often talking about it just makes indecent conversation of two figures trying to change the others opinion to which often is unsuccessful. So really I feel when you try to talk politics online often, its a waste of time… face it, you need to spend less time on social media sites.
In person I am ok stating my opinions if needed. And in casual situations I might too. But I try to avoid debating them in just day-to-day conversations.
So yes, that is my political opinion

Some Pet Peeves

  • I hate it when someone is a kill joy… You talk about something you like then someone just immediately starts putting it down.
  • Constant throwing of shade… Meaning gossip. Or people who just constantly never say positive things.
  • People who put down other religions… Believe it or not I hear some of the most “opened minded” people put down religions more than anyone else. I don’t care if its a Christian putting down other denominations or against Muslims… Just be uplifting.
  • When people like to who talk violently. Like they go into detail of wanting to hurt people or they just start conversations saying something along those lines.
  • People who patronize… especially guys who have to emasculate other ones to make themselves think they are manlier.
  • Highly opinionated others… When they talk as if their idea’s are stronger and more logical than yours… Whether its politics or why everyone should be vegetarian.
  • People who don’t try to understand the back ground of things… Like why they are judging someone else… Or why certain words should be avoided.
  • Easily angered people.
  • Easily annoyed people.

Homeless Person

So there’s lady who is at a max stop every time I am there. She is there both when I leave and come back. Every day. What she does is ask for money. She has an Asian accent, which I believe to be fake. Supposedly she needs money, every day, to catch the max to see her kids. Every day. She stands in the tracks of the max which is in a ditch making sure to pester people for money on both sides. She is there every day, if I haven’t said.
Over time, this lady has really… upset me. Just seeing her there bothers me. Hearing her annoys me. I know this is silly for me to be bothered by it. But she is there everyday asking for money. Yet I have never heard actually buy a ticket, even when I know she has enough. I have never seen her hop on a max.
She doesn’t look like your typical homeless person what so ever. She’s a middle aged women who I believe is possibly half of some Asian (oriental) decent. She doesn’t dress nice, but she doesn’t dress…. poor either. I know she isn’t using the money for anything good. She has extreme desperation when she asks. I have taken out my wallet and she would leave me alone even after I declined her proposal… over… annnndddddd over again… all within the same time frame.
I have many feelings about this woman. Some sad… some angry… I have witnessed her almost get hit by the MAX (Portlands mini railway system) multiple times just to ask people on the other side of the station for money we all know she won’t get. I have witnessed people run after her because she doesn’t notice the MAX. And she still constantly asks for money. Every day. Doing the same routine.
I think at first I had more pity for this woman than anything. Wishing she would just… move in life. Asking myself what happened in her life to make her think this is okay. What makes her so desperate for this money. Praying for her every time I saw her. I still do.
I have wondered about filing something, but I don’t think that would help any. I am almost certain she does drugs… Not because she seems like she’s on them… Just how desperate she is.
I always felt more bad for her than anything until I walked by her, she asked for money, I said, “no” and move on. Once I pulled out my wallet to buy a ticket… Which was a mistake that I knew was waiting to happen, she ran back up to me. Asking me over and over to spare some change. Me saying no. Over and over again. She then goes on to trying to flatter me saying “aww you handsome man. You cute” and saying as many charming words she can think of, while doing the eye lash thing cartoon woman do to make themself more “desirable”. My MAX was the next one and I had purchased my ticket waiting for it to dispense with the change. I get my ticket. She takes the change. SHE TAKES MY CHANGE. At that point I lost so much empathy towards this woman. I told her no. I let her take it and I was polite about it. But I was very annoyed. I told her no.
Since then, I have still seen her there asking for change… Several times I waited longer than needed to see if she leaves. Which was dumb because I have seen her there at different times through out the day.
Part of me wants to be Mr. Creeper and just…. follow her when she leaves for my own curiosity, but I feel thats very dangerous and well just really creepy of me. Another part really wants to file something about it. I don’t know if she would just be asked to leave. I don’t know if they would drug test her, put her into some institute, or if she would just move somewhere else and do the pity me bids.
If I see her again, I might just come with a bus pass in hand for her and see if she actually uses it. I might even confront her about seeing her their everyday asking her what she does with the money she receives. Whether its booze, drugs, or to feed some secret child, I have no idea.
I still continue to pray for her… and who knows, maybe the day I don’t see her there I’ll start to miss her. I guess I just wanted to say to people… there are some desperate people. It’s never cool to lose your temper… So be as kind as possible. I don’t know what the best option is to confront these people with… or if you should at all. I have also read articles about t “millionaire beggars” whether that title is an exaggeration or not, I am not sure, but it certainly leaves me skeptic. I guess really I just want to send positive thoughts and prayers to these people.

My biggest regret

So this is probably the most personal thing I am going to say on this blog… But I am going to talk about my biggest regret. And it may seem small but out of a hundred other big regrets, this one beats it.

In my life I have failed classes. I am 21 and can’t drive. I have said very mean things to people and I for a while acted like I was better than everyone else (doesn’t everyone in high school?) I didn’t take what classes I took in college seriously spending lots of money for no reason… And, well, I am full of things that I wish I could have fixed and full of things that I could have prevented from happening. None of these are my biggest regret.

As silly as this sounds my biggest regret is saying stuff like, “I am not looking for a relationship, I am waiting.” Or the more recent thing, “I am just looking for friendship. I don’t think now’s the time to have a relationship for me.”
The one thing along those lines was when I sincerely liked someone. I don’t want to go into full detail but this person, I know this, was very interested in me at first. I was also very interested in this person as well. But I had to say “I don’t think now’s the time to have a relationship.” That is my biggest regret.
Over time I liked this person more and more. It ended coming to a point where I actually said how much I like them. They made it seem mutual but… well lets just say nothing happened except leaving me in the worse state of life I have ever experienced.
This person now has a BF which was also heart breaking when it happened… especially how soon it had happened after the incident.
The reason why I regret this is because now I realize its never really a bad time for a relationship… I mean certain circumstances I will say no you shouldn’t (like just breaking up with someone or a heartbreak… or you’re drunk) but if you like someone and they are going to take care of you and they are safe and they have mutual feelings, JUMP ON THAT! Even if it doesn’t work out, I think it would be worth it.
I’ve learned a lot about relationships. Though I haven’t been in a full one myself. I’ve learned that you work together. If its not a time to have one because you need to focus on like school or getting a job or something… Looking at it now, that’s silly. Why do it alone? If anything you would have a cheer leader for you. Love is more than money. Love is… Love is… the most valuable thing humans have.