Random things to do on Super Bowl

Well today is Super Bowl 2011. If you’re like me, you don’t care too much about watching it. You either want the Steelers or the Packers to win, you don’t watch any of it, except the commercials. Now here’s a list of things you could be doing instead. They’re pretty dumb, but hey, it’s entertainment –maybe.
1.       Youtube the craziest game crashers.
2.       Learn how to become a ninja and destroy tall and dead weeds in your backyard.
3.       Look for a slug and say you’re fired.
4.       *67 a bunch of random friends screaming into the phone “I like Chocolate milk” then hang up.
5.       Go out and harass the people who are working at stores.
6.       Make new adventures in Narnia and Middle Earth.
7.       Experiment in the kitchen using brown sugar cream cheese and super soggy noodles.
8.       Find a person in the store and tell them that they dropped their pockets, or that their socks are untied.
9.       Tell people that they’re on TV. Point to some random spot on the far wall and ask them to “smile for the camera”.
10.   Go to a public restroom and use a stopwatch to time people going to the bathroom. Cheer them on to encourage good performance.
11.   Go to a furniture store and spin on all the spinny chairs. See which one spins the fastest.
12.   Put alcohol in a bird feeder and see what happens.
13.   Freeze an egg or put one in the microwave for a few hours and see what happens.
14.   Have a conversation about marshmallows with someone on Chat Roulette.
15.   Pretend to be attacked by a bear in the bathroom.

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