Being a Christian

What is being a Christian? I can’t really explain it. He is everything. Without him, I have no idea where I’d be. He’s there when I’m down. He gives me hope and faith. He’s my best friend, but better. He builds me and he helps me. He’s the pillar that keeps me from falling. No, he’s not this guy who just sends people to inferno. In fact, I see him as the opposite. I feel safe with him, no matter what he’ll be there, and he constantly blesses us, and I’ll admit I don’t always realize it. To be a Christian means to believe Jesus saved us. We should follow him and never turn away. We should obey him, and just know that he’s going to take care of us, even if the time is harsh. Being a Christian, we’re not the judge. We should be thankful for everything. There’s so much more to say too. His love for us is unexplainable.

Now I ask to you, what is being a Christian? If your not “religious,” what do you think it is?


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