Community College Experiences

1.       While using a urinal, a professor came to the urinal next to mine, which is against man-code for the bathroom. He started telling me about his personal life, wife and kids and what not. I thought it was funny that he was telling me this stuff, especially in the bathroom so I laughed a little. Then I got pee on my show.
2.       I had a squirrel the size of a chicken bite my shoe.
3.       Someone told me that I remind them of the screaming boy on Robin Hood Men in Tights.
4.       I had a teacher who every time he went up to the board, his shirt would creep up and I’d see about half his hairy belly.
5.       Another teacher calls me a stud. He also wears really tight clothes.
6.       I got yelled at for saying sorry.
7.       A guy I sat next to during break looked up porno.
8.       A girl I sat next to during break was video chatting a very spontaneous person.
9.       I learned that the security around campus, who are also students, actually get in trouble if they either report someone or tell someone to behave.
10.   I walked in on an old man and young one making out with each other.

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