Valentine s Day is supposed to be the day about love. Being single all my life never really having any kind of intimacy with anyone, it’s hard to say I know what love is. There are days where I wish I could cuddle up with someone and feel like I’m more appreciated by someone than most. Though, being single is probably the best thing for me. I want to make my significant other to feel extra special. I want it to be me who is in the relationship. I know this is lame, but not driving and no money is what I have, I would have to have help from my parents (which is wrong on multiple levels). If I did have that stuff I still don’t know that I would try and be in a good relationship. I think there are too many things that I need to do before I really have one. There is a girl that I like, and I might go on a date or two with her once I have the money and license, but until then I’ll wait. Why not have many good friends. There are still things I would only do with good guy friends and I don’t want a relationship like this to interrupt that. I have friends who wouldn’t hang out with me because they constantly were doing stuff with their girlfriend. They broke up. Yeah, they’re a good friend, and I’m there for them, but if they’re just going to throw me out like that, it kind of makes them loose some reliability. There’s a lot more that I can say about relationships, but for now, it’s out.

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