Unusual Happenings

1.       I confused my sister with some lady who was looking at Men’s underwear. I started to tease her for being perverted sense she was looking in that section. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my sister.
2.       I had a professor who, out of 6 urinals, chose the one next to me. Then he started talking to me, and I got distracted and started to miss the urinal…
3.       I accidentally sent an email meant for friends to one of my high school teachers.
4.       I’m one who hates hugs. But occasionally someone will be an exception. I thought I saw one of those few people so I started to give them a big hug from the back. Then it wasn’t them.
5.       In Sims 3, my Sim got attacked by a Meteorite and died.
6.       I had a 7 year old make fun of me because I had shoes with some pink on them.
7.       I had campers who were head butting a rug one of the Summers I worked at camp.
8.       I can’t say Switchfoot, and it is my favorite band. I can’t say the “ch” sound unless I over emphasize it. Then I just sound like an idiot.
9.       I got caught checking myself in the mirror once and the person who caught me took a picture without me knowing it.
10.   I was cuddled by a man (unwillingly) in a bed. It was the most uncomfortable I’ve felt. (They did it because they knew that I have problems with being touched.
11.   At my Winter Formal, I was dancing around with my friends, and there was this girl who was dancing with her separate group of friends, but the girl was like really close to me, and the photographer thought we were a couple, so she took a picture of us as a couple. I didn’t even know the girl and we both looked really uncomfortable in the picture.
12.   I was trying to explain what kind of apples make ORANGE juice. I thought I was saying apple juice.
13.   I got in trouble for putting a baby on the table. I didn’t know that that was a bad idea.
14.   I lost a shoe in a marching competition.
15.   The right half of my chest has hair and the other doesn’t. And I don’t know why.
16.   I had to go through 4 continues on the first level of the super Mario game for the Wii.
17.   I was running and lost my balance in front of a bunch of cute girls. My knee became really bloody and the jeans ripped. Then my dear crazy friend, Kyle, came up and put his finger on the blood then licked his finger.
18.   I got the clumsy award at the end of each year in high school. We have a poll in band for “band personalities.” I always get something making fun of my clumsiness and mad marching skills. I also was voted band king my senior year.
19.   For my Junior prom we got these cool fun glasses. I dropped mine in the urinal. Then I snuck away to get a new pair and pretended nothing happened. Then somebody noticed that they were a different color.
20.   In my Creative Writing Class, some girls were spreading around their lip gloss and described how tasty it was. So I asked if I could have some, without realizing how it was awkward. I put it straight into mouth (I didn’t want it on my lips) and then spat it out and then the “all girl except me” class started laughing. It took a while for them to explain to me that I did it wrong.

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