• My dance instructor was about 5’3” (super short), very buff,a shaved head, goatee, and had a low “I’m super manly” voice. It was a bit entertaining to watch him dance with girls taller than me.
  • In dance I had to do a move where I lifted my arm…. I elbowed the girl in the nose.
  • While riding my bike, a raccoon jumped out and started hissing. So instinctively, I growled back and tried to intimidate it. The raccoon started to chase me and continued to growl.
  • Thinking it was a stick, I biked over a snake. It died and flew up at my face when I hit it.
  • I met someone who is studying elementary ed. They also got their kids taken away because of bad parenting. They want to be a preschool teacher.

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