Captain America, Hitch-hiking, and Polo’s

      Well, today I went and saw Captain America. It’s interesting because it shows how patriotic people were in the 1940’s. It seems that now days, it’s very rare to get young people to be patriotic. I don’t care what your opinion is, America is a place where people want to live. I don’t understand when people complain about America. I mean yeah, there are things that I see as flaws, but it’s better than living someone else.

      After the movie was done, I realized that I’d have to wait in town for a while before I got a ride back home. I can’t take the bus because the nearest bus stop is still quite far from my house, so I just started to walk home. I got like 8 side walk squares away from the Fred Meyer parking lot, and a car stopped right next to me. She asked where I was going and offered to take me to my old Elementary school, which is a whole lot closer to my house than from Fred Meyer. I don’t know if the fact I was wearing a polo made me seem safe, but I was a bit confused to why some random lady would offer a total stranger this. On the way there I told her what I’ve een doing this summer (choir and work for my dad), told her I play trombone, and told her that I want to be an elementary school teacher. She even complimented me by saying, “This is what America needs, more good male school teachers.”
      I appreciate her hospitality a lot. It makes you wonder why people aren’t always so nice like this. I guess it’s because we as humans, normally see the worse in people. As humans, we’re so insecure and nervous all the time. I bet if I were wearing a hoodie, with black jeans, and a different hair style, I would have walked the ten miles to my house. Makes me want to try and overlook flaws, and only recognize the good!

God Bless

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