You know, my main purpose for this blog was to make people laugh and express my idea’s. I never really anticipated it becoming something to just talk about everyday life. And yeah I have idea’s of funny things to put down. But looking at a lot of my past posts, I feel as though a lot of them were me just pulling whatever I could think of up. In reality I kind of just need to go along and be naturally funny. Maybe I’ll make a post where I remember a funny story, and I can add in one of those stories.

Well earlier I posted about my youtube video. It got over 100 views in an hour which to me is a lot. And its now sitting over 300 which is way more than I was expecting to get in just a few days. I am really thinking that maybe if I do a weekly thing I can get more to subscribe. Who knows.
I think I am going to also redo this blog. Maybe put in some side links so people can find me better.

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