Yay! Encouragement!

Today was quite great. I unfortunately missed my choir directors last concert 😥 But for good reasons. I met with someone today. This person apparently has been putting a bit of effort to helping me find a job and future living situation AND education possibilities. He has been asking friends who are employers if they have a job for me. He has apparently referred me to them. This guy is a college counselor. All I was meeting was for a friend, not like a counseling session, but it was almost like one cause I just vented out a lot and he gave me lots of encouragement and advice. Normally when I vent the person isn’t a counselor, so it was a nice change. I rarely vent to people.
Well unfortunately I couldn’t access my debt card. And I kind of lost all hope because of that. But right when I met him today, I told him that and he had gone to the bank because he had a feeling I was going to be needing money. Normally I wouldn’t accept, but it was just too perfect. One of those things where its just like “God, wow, you are real!” He said he thought it was God calling him. Normally when people say that, I am like, “you don’t know that for sure,” because I have heard hundreds of people use the whole “God is telling me to” thing when I think God is telling me the opposite. But I actually believed it was God because of how, well perfect it was.
Well today was just one of those… days where I am like “DANG, I feel good.”


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