Video Games faster than I can make money

Well yesterday was Nintindeo’s E3. I feel like both Nintendo and Sony murdered Microsoft and any forum or form of social networking will support me on this. But I am mostly a PC and Nintendo gamer and because of that I am just gonna talk about Nintendo.
Well they started out with Pokemon X and Y. Which will be the first game on the 3DS dealing with the traditional Pokemon series. We know you can now ride Pokemon and they introduced several new Pokemon as well as a new Pokemon type. The fairy type. In my opinion I found that to be unnecessary. It didn’t even cross my mind they might make a fairy type Pokemon. I was so ready for them to make a sound and light type. I can pretty easily figure out previous Pokemon that will fall under this. Like Clefairy is an obvious one for starters. I have a feeling the “cutesy” legendary type Pokemon will also gain fairy type and something inside me is saying that they will allow Pokemon to have a 3rd type, however that might just get too complicated and cause lots of OP. Like Jirachi is already a steel and Psychic type but its definitely a fairy type.
I didn’t really understand the sky battles. I sort of did but I guess I am just hoping they will include surf battle. Maybe even cave battles too. Then there was the horde battles. That sounds really cool, however, I can easily picture that getting really annoying, especially when I want to catch a Pokemon.
I do like the designs of the new trainers. They actually look like Pokemon trainers compared to the gen 5 ones. Same with the so far introduced Pokemon. I feel like they are getting back to Pokemon that actually look like Pokemon. Cause no offense, before they kind of just looked like lines mixed together.

The next game was what I think is the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles. Which is a sequel itself. If you have never heard nor played Xenoblade Chronicles I HIGHLY recommend it.  For starters they have AUSTRALIAN accents! Next is the maps. Huge maps that you can explore, the scenery is outstanding too. Just like Skyrim, in fact the game is kind of a mixture of Skyrim and Final Fantasy. You can run up to wild creatures and battle them. Get special items experience and abilities from them as well. And every character is different and customizable with their weapons and gear. Whenever you give them new armor, you actually see them in that armor. Its also got futuristic stuff in it, like robots, but its not just robots… You have medieval -like weapons with a futuristic touch. The gameplay in all is just something I found entirely a new concept.
And the one thing I found interesting is the CONCEPT of the game itself. Not just the gameplay but whats happening. Basically too ginormous beings called Bionis were at war. Then one of them juts decided to rest up and stopped moving. While doing so it basically became a planet. Growing nature. As you explore you are basically exploring some kind of stone god. And you can tell that you are as you travel. It would take forever to do so though cause of how big and how much stuff there is. You start at the foot of its body and as you travel the rest of the body, the environment fits the body. Its hard to explain exactly but you really just have to experience the game itself.

Finally, the last game that I am excited about. Super Smash Bros. I heard its going to be called Super Smash Bros Universe which will fit the “Wii U” thing. They introduce 3 new characters so far. The villager of Animal Crossing. I have never been an animal crossing fan so I am not sure what to expect out of that. Next was Mega Man, which I am excited about. He’s probably the most anticipated character for the game itself ever since we learned Nintendo is teaming up with Capcom for this one. The Fitness trainer wasn’t expected. I think Nintendo likes to do that in each game, throw in a character no one thinks of and the characters that aren’t the normal kind of characters one would think of. Mr Game and Watch was in Melee and ROB was in Brawl. My hopes is they put in characters from Fire Emblem, more Pokemon, More characters from Sonic, a character from Xenoblade, Pac Man, TOAD, Waluigi and maybe a couple characters from Donkey King. Oh yeah, I also hope they bring in Frogger, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro, but I have a feeling non of those will make an appearance… Ty the tiger would be kind of cool to as would be Rayman. To have them bring back previous characters such as Dr Mario and Mewtwo woould be very exciting as well.. But I guess we just have to wait and see.


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