This Land is OUR Land

Well yesterday was my little sisters graduation!
There was something interesting that happened. A Hispanic girl spoke, thats not the weird part. The first thing I heard was from a man behind me who said something along the lines of “Damn minority is speaking.” Well the next thing was she started out in Spanish… Whispers of unhappiness was heard in the audience. I at first didn’t even think about it. The guy behind me “this is really pissing me off.” I almost turned around and told him off. I heard people were saying the typical “this is America” but the fact of the matter is… We don’t have a national language, and chances are you probably can’t spell very well either. The girl spoke in English too as translation. In my head I was thinking you go girl. Normally I wouldn’t have but I had just realized, that was incredibly brave.
America is made up of freedom and immigrants. You can’t assume everyone who is Hispanic is an illegal immigrant stealing your job. They have just as much of a right here as you do… In fact their heritage is more native to America than most white people.
Honestly I just don’t like coming to the town I went to high school in anymore. People are so quick to think things without having much reference beside their life experience which isn’t much outside other equally narrow-minded area’s. Then they talk about wanting to travel to other places. But quite frankly, I think they would be treated just as poorly because they don’t have the social skills they think they do have. This world was given to us by God. This land is God made. The rules was man made, and don’t you dare say “but this is what God wants, because YOU ARE NOT GOD! You don’t know what he wants. I believe God exists, I believe in Jesus, and I believe I will go to heaven just as much as these “Damn minorities.”
This isn’t even about “stupid politically correct people.” Cause I say screw politically correctness too. Its about understanding facts and not being a total jerk. And you aren’t the only person on the planet either, everyone’s equal.
And lastly to those people who are SO upset about this. I apologize you find something so small to be such a big deal that you are upset.


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