Negatives and Positives Forms of Encouragement

So the other day I got to hang out with my choir friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. It was great seeing them all. By the end we started playing Truth… Basically truth or dare but only with out the dare because we’re too lazy. We were all mature and trusting enough to feel comfortable to admit to a lot.
It was also nice because we were able to be personal and not have to worry about each other judging each other.
By the end of the time together the few of us who stayed that late (we left at 5:30 in the morning) we started saying the very minor things that annoyed us about each other and also the things we love most about each other. Both of which I felt we were all able to be completely open and honest about. I realized its amazing to have a great fellowship that trusts each other enough to be so truthfully open about things.
The negatives that were said about me I kind of expected and non of them were really that negative, I think because we’re all close enough to each other to not really be that bothered by each other. I’d love to share the things that were said but then I’d feel like I am being self centered. And we all agreed NOTHING LEAVES THE ROOM! Though I have a feeling nobody would mind about that part of the night to be said.
But in the end it was a much needed night for all of us. I learned more about myself and had lots of encouragement, which I very much so needed right now.


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