Everyone has different things they struggle with. As I have been getting older I have really noticed the ones that have affected me the most. Today I can honestly say the one thing that has been the biggest struggle for me would be self-motivation.

I often say one of my strengths is how little care, its also my biggest downfall. I guess I really just don’t care about things which is always really nice because without caring I never really let things effect me negatively. But at the same time I do have goals and ambitions which I want to achieve.

The way I often see things is “Well I’ve gone without it this long I can go a little longer.” For me personally seeing a reward at the end does nothing because of this. I’d rather do nothing and be okay without something I already don’t have than actually doing it. I have learned though that rewarding myself before hand is better because then I feel obligated to actually get something done to show my appreciation towards something.

In high school I had the worse self motivation problems. Never doing homework and kind of just barely getting by day to day. Being punished never really bothered me because like I said I just don’t care. That and being punished from where I was at never would have done much because to me it was like being grounded wasn’t much different to how things were already.

Normally the best times for me to get motivation going is when i have something to inspire me… But it kind of has to be a constant inspiration. Like maybe watch or listen to motivational speakers or read encouraging things. The times I had the most motivation was when I had the most things going on in my life, probably because I am most exposed to the encouraging aspects in life.

So I have to ask, what are the biggest personal weaknesses which other people have?


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