My Opinion on News Media

So I was going to originally post something about social media. But I decided to change it to another kind of media, the news; my opinions on the recent George Zimmerman trial, my feelings about it, and whether I think they were right or wrong.

Actually…. I have no opinion. In fact I know almost nothing about it except some guy killed a minority. I am well educated enough at this time in my life to where I am already aware of crap like this happening all the time. It’s a sad truth. I mean yeah, people die every day. It happens. Something I’ve learned is you can’t get overwhelmed about it. I’m also aware sometimes people can be innocent. So whatever the case with George Zimmerman is, I guess I just don’t feel that I need to know.

Some people following up news stories is their hobby and that’s okay. But to me I feel like it makes people edgy. I think the reason why there’s so much labeling upon others is because there isn’t much trust towards other people because of how much we hear about horrible things happening. And quite honestly, I don’t like feeling worried, mad, depressed or any of those feelings. It seems like that’s all news does to me. They say “we just want to show what people want to watch” but I have to disagree. If they showed more happy stuff, like praising charitable people more often I’d watch news more. The only reason people want to see negative stuff on the news is because of how long its been shown to us. Its what we grew to want to watch on the news… So why can’t they help us grow out of it?

In all honesty the only time I really want to know about something bad is if its a major event, like a war upcoming.

Sure if something tragic happened to me I’d talk about it, but I’d talk about it personally with my own personal friends and acquaintances.


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