Barbie: the Horrible Role Model

Okay, I just want to talk about this picture for a second. But before I do that I need to find the place of origination. (if you go to google images and click the little camera icon you can upload a picture and it will find where the picture was first uploaded) If you click THIS RIGHT HERE it seems to take you to the original site. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I first off want to say its really unsanitary to leave all that food on the bathroom flore. That Cabbage is going to soak up so much bacteria.
This picture leads me to understand barbie is NOT A VAMPIRE as there is also garlic. Maybe she is afraid one will come over and steal her food. Everything else in that bowl looks stuff you would cook to make a room smell nice. Maybe she’s got some smelly stuff in the bathroom.
It also concerns me that she didn’t bother taking out the cream above the bath tub before she took the picture, I mean seriously barbie we don’t want to know about any rashes you might have. Speaking of health treatments above the bath tub I am wondering if maybe Barbie has other bad health habits. Or maybe those were the pills that her friends took and accidentally overdosed on.
Now lets see whats above the toilet.. A fish bowl… Wait… Did your gold fish die? I DON’T THINK SO! Barbie, you have to be careful!!! Something might happen and you might accidentally knock him into the toilet where he will be flushed down the drain and turn into some kind of sewage monster. Do you know how disturbed that will make children? YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL! Please don’t scar children with turning fishes into sewer monsters.
Aww yuck, I just realized your bath room is such a mess. Couldn’t you have cleaned up even more before this picture? Where on earth are your shoes too? Do you know how much bacteria is in your bathroom? What if you had a cut? Please at least wear a sock or something.

Well as you can tell, Barbie is a horrible role model…


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