Youtube: CheifShock

So I am starting to feel good about making video’s… I really was originally just making them for friends and a few people I don’t know subscribed… Well at this point its only 16 subscribers, but I still feel good about it. I have a few skit idea’s but I don’t know enough about video editing. I am thinking I might just click around and hope I figure it out.
But anyway my youtube channel; CheifShock is allowing me to tell the dorky stories that have happened. Which this blog was originally for but I might every so often just end a post with my latest video.
CheifShock if you are wondering how I got the name its because I was a camp counselor and my camp name was Shock… I always felt like some kind of chief doing it and I always thought “Chief” would be a cool name. I switched the i and the e cause of my name, Keith. Also if you want to make the h silent in the word, it would sound like “Keef” which is a cutesy way of saying my name.
Some of the challenges I’ve had is the camera… At first I was using my web cam but I couldn’t get it to look right in any of the lighting I’ve been in. I might go back to it if I can find better lighting. Then I got a new camera which has been giving me way better quality but for pictures it leaves a red line; but not on video’s. This camera has a wind noise too that I don’t know how to get rid of… Oh and I need a tripod cause its really shaky… ya I don’t have much video making experience, maybe that can be my niche-quirk?!?

Anyway I will link and explain a short summary of each video I have thus far posted.

The Uterus is Utters for Humans. is where I talk about a middle school experience. During sex ed I had to read and explain a couple things and well… I guessed and was wrong about what girl body parts are. It unexpectedly got over 400 views really quickly. A very pleasant surprise especially it being my first video I had posted.
Colossal Boobs I went to a concert and got seperated from the group getting stuck in some ladies… well lets just say you should watch it! currently is at 80 views.
Fat Cannibals is probably the most different between all of them. Its the closest one to a vlog and you have a better idea of what my sarcasm is. Basically I just vent about getting ran over by some dude on a scooter. I think this one is my favorite thus far. about 60 views as of right now.
Kid Stories “They have butt cheeks on their chests!” Basically kids say the darnest things! amiright orwhat? 50ish views now. It’s also the longest video I have posted by a couple minutes.
Girls don’t have taste buds outside their mouth flavored condoms are real? Why do we need them?!?!? I guess girls can taste in their… Oh wait I don’t want to say the word.

Also if you want to watch them all I made a playlist for my stories which is called Story Time

Idea’s for the future is skits… Hopefully this will be a good learning experience for video editting. I am thinking about telling stories with some of my funny friends where they react and make fun of me. Maybe me interviewing friends and making fun of them too. Oh and I have quirky silly songs which I want to do too but… well… lets hope it sounds good.


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