Maybe Multimedia

So I was thinking I really need a job. I was also thinking is my major really for me? Well I do think I would be a great elementary school teacher, however I am not positive it will guarantee a job in the future. That and teachers don’t make much money.
            If you know me well you would know my dream is to be a famous writer; the problem with that is I can’t focus long enough to finish anything I start… I guess really my dream is to have stories that are heard, whether it is short spontaneous stories, making fun of something, or long and deep stories. I also am a huge fan of symbolism and making people think. Sometimes I do that through humor, sometime through reason, and sometimes just through daily actions… Really I just want people to think for themselves rather than however they are receiving information.
            Media is one thing that really twists with people… I mean without media we’d still likely be bullying kids and lots of other things. Media has its pros and cons and my dream is best reached through media.
            Looking at a community college I learned they have a one year program to obtain a degree, one of which was multimedia and some kind of business program… I was thinking with those two things I could likely reach my dream all while earning money… Maybe it would be working with advertisements. Maybe I’ll make video’s and actually understand editing them. I could maybe have the will to write that novel. So what I am saying, I think when I head back to school, it will be back to community college and take Multimedia classes.


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