My 21st Birthday

So my 21st was over a week ago (sorry for the absence). I went to the zoo with a couple of friends and it was great. I was going to attempt to vlog but my camera was dead and it needs a charger which I had left at a friends house. (I have it back now). My friend James ended up filming as well and I think he has or at least will post a video of the zoo.

Anyway, after the zoo I went to the mall which normally would take like 30-40 minutes, but with traffic ended up being like over an hour and half. UGGH! We hung out there and I met my friend James’s friend who also does video’s and has 100+ subscribers! And we chatted for a little while.

Well after the mall I went to a place called Gilt, a very fancy restaurant in downtown Portland. I had a Sauvie Island Blackberry Cocktail which was basically Black berry vodka, juice and Sprite… All I could really taste was alcohol though…. Afterwards I went to a place called Departure which is on one of the top stories (I think 14th) of a hotel, where me and a couple others sat on the balcony. I had a Lemon Drop… Which again I could only mostly taste the alcohol.

However the next day I went to Applebee’s and had some of their drinks which I LOVED…. But I haven’t found any that I like since.

Again sorry for not updating in a while. I am going camping this weekend so maybe I will have something new to post afterwards!

Oh and this picture is hilarious, the mom and her daughters reaction are PRICELESS!


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