Keeping Sex Intimate

Here’s a new thing I learned about: Slut Shaming. People get so upset of you labeling others that they give you a label for doing it. Now I have an issue with one saying slut shaming. But before I start, if you have sex with people congratulations I am not going to bother you and no you shouldn’t be put down.

The thing I have is just America in general about how sex is. Sex is and at least used to be a very intimate thing as well maybe private. And everyone constantly talking about kind of kills the intimacy of it. Plus I don’t need nor want to know what you are into with other people when inside the room. Being a virgin is fine too and why is that more of a deal than a “slut shamer”? A virgin is simply waiting for that person they can be intimate with. And same with like your sexual identity, people say “why does it matter if you’re gay or straight” and its true…. We don’t need to know, life goes on, my only request is can we please still keep the intimacy of sex in the room and not all over the media




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