Well there’s a lot of talk about the VMAs and Mileys performance (though I am condemning Robin Thicke as well for that) But I already talked about this in my last post so I don’t think I am going to even bring that up in this post. Instead I think I am going to bring up bullying.

First off, everyone gets bullied just a little and not everyone will know it. Secondly sometimes people are overly sensitive… And I honestly think that our culture might be being too sensitive about the topic…. No one should be bullied, yes that’s true. But some of the stories I’ve heard are really no big deal in my opinion…. Some one called you stupid one time? OH MY GOD YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A TERRIBLE LIFE!

And honestly when I was in high school, the students who say they got bullied the most were 100% of the time the biggest bullies in the school. In fact I got called a bully by one kid because I got mad at him in weights class. Here’s what happened, he was putting more and more weights on as I was lifting after I told him to stop. And he laughed and said I was too weak and needed the muscle. Well after a couple extra weights I was having a hard time breathing because it was crushing me. Mind you this kid was like 4 times my size. So I called him a big jerk then he got all upset and told the teacher. I was a Junior in high school. I was about to get in trouble and the teacher even had to talk to me. Then I explained what happened and so did the witnesses so luckily this kid got in trouble…

My point is, I feel its hard as an adult to trust kids on these incidents, they might not see the whole picture or maybe they are afraid they get in trouble… I mean think about when you were a kid twisted things a little maybe cried about it too then getting out of trouble….

Here’s another thing. CYBER BULLYING. I feel thats more true bullying. Not just a typical troll but some people are total jerks online. Read youtube comments on video’s, check out people’s tweets, heck even on facebook people bully all the time. I’ve read comments on youtube where people were telling someone to go kill themself. Sometimes people say that to the original “bully ” themself which is incredibly hypocritical.

You can argue, well lets just be the mean peoples friend… NO. I am sorry but that is silly. You can be nice to them… But at the same time I also think they need to be humbled a bit…. That and why hang out with someone who is making you miserable… Heck I had to delete and block a “friend” on facebook because all he ever did was criticize me and my friends and well… I am not going to bring up that drama, the point is I was nice to him and nothing good happened, even after I tried talking to him about it… Rather he just got worse and spread rumors about me that were completely off the wall.

In the end, lets be nice…. Some teasing is fine and I do believe in character building, I mean life can’t be perfect and if everything is your way I think everyone would be a bit spoiled I think. Plus I am a firm believe of having to be able to make fun of yourself to get by in life.
Now I have a feeling this is going to cause a lot of controversy, and quite honestly I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU BULLY ME BACK! So please keep your opinion to yourself. Thanks.

In the mean time check out this video of a bunny.! (click the word “bunny” to go to the video)


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