JAZZ and Pokemon

     So today I was thinking about the activities I was most involved and passionate about through out my life. I know when I was younger it was soccer but I stopped early and never really liked it. TV was another one of those things… But to be honest I could hardly remember anything I was into until I got my gameboy… However I do remember getting super involved with a game called Shining Force (it was a Sega game I had for my computer) and its a strategy game that’s similar to Fire Emblem.
     I did take piano lessons starting in 3rd grade, and actually music is probably the thing I have invested the most time in. I am more of a performer than a listener.
     Well I got my gameboy with my first game, Pokemon Crystal. It was my 10th birthday present. And honestly Pokemon is one of those things I don’t think I will ever easily out grow. I still get super excited about it and know lots about it, play with friends, and can tell you more about it than most people (though I do have a few friends who know a lot about it)
     In 6th grade I also remember getting even more involved with Pokemon cause I had friends to play with but 6th grade was also kind of a different year. For starters I started playing trombone. Then I also played basketball, and believe it or not my team one the championships for the community tournament… I remember my 6th grade class had this thing where we would share something cool that happened in our life and everyone was surprised I even played basketball. I also played baseball, which honestly I didn’t like much and we also lost every game….
     7th grade I joined a jazz club called Whiskey Hill. This probably is one of the more influential things to my life. Though there were times I absolutely just wanted to throw my Trombone against the wall, I am glad I was in it and also got to have some of the most unique opportunities of a lifetime through it. Playing in Disney Land, during the performance the trombone players even got up and danced to show ourselves having fun. I can honestly say I never get stage fright and am completely comfortable in front of audience whether it be singing, doing comedy, a speech… Well really I just feel confident on a stage.
     I didn’t really start anything new until high school… I got more involved with my church my sophomore year and was a camp counselor that Summer. But the next real activity was Racquetball. I was horrible at it but its definitely my favorite sport. I think I lost every game except one when in it in high school. Choir was something else I joined after having been in the musical Chicago… Which was fun but that form of theater isn’t for me.
     Now really the main activity is Choir. I am so thankful to have joined my old college choir. I made many friends and was able to keep doing something I am passionate about. Now that I am done, I want to find a new choir to be a part of.


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