Sex Icons are Puppets

     So one thing a lot of you might take from reading my blog is I don’t have a high opinion on media. People are strongly condemning Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus… But to be honest I don’t think we should be. Before I start, I have done little to know research about what I am about to discuss, I am just going to state what I think is probably the case… And of course media probably tries to cover it up.
     I do not think we should be blaming these celebrities for all these things like “making women objects” I think we should first of blame ourselves for letting this be the norm… But more importantly the producers and managers. These people are just making off money telling them what to do… Miley is simply just a puppet. And being that she makes money this way and is probably signed to a contract, has to act a certain way and do certain things. Its nothing more than to get popularity and money. At least that’s what I think. Do you really thing this is their voice? No, go to any live concert with out auto-tune and they will sound bad. They are just good looking people who have the energy and charisma they need for producers to use.
     Now why am I posting this way late? Because I still hear about it even after the whole thing in Syria and what ever else is going on in the world. The whole Syria thing I might not post about as I am really not caught up with it and kind of just find it too depressing… I also find the whole Miley thing depressing but I feel the need to post my opinion about the topic. And I don’t find it depressing she turned this way, I am blaming everyone else for letting this happen and giving it attention in media.

     In the end I want to say this… If you don’t like the song “Blurred Lines” then stop complaining about it… I mean I don’t like the words but its a catchy song. Also give Robin Thicke a break.. I think in an article he even mentioned having nothing to do with the “unrated” version of the music video. I keep hearing people complain about it and I just wish they would stop criticizing him.

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