Gaming Video’s

     So originally I didn’t think I would ever do this but I decided to start making gaming video’s! I’ll probably end up making more of them than I do normal video’s. But so far I have 3 Pokemon games I am playing through and making video’s. Pokemon Fire Red version I am only using water types. Then I started a Pokemon hack game called Ash Gray which is almost exact to the TV show. And I am also doing a Nuzlocke on Emerald version.
     If you don’t know what a nuzlocke is, basically you are only allowed to use the first Pokemon you run into on a new route. Also if one of your Pokemon faints it is considered dead and you can’t use it ever again…. So far it has been quite interesting but it is exciting.
     Normally I wouldn’t be talking about this but the reason why I am is because someone messaged me saying they liked my video’s and said they’d mention me on their channel, which is perfect! They have quite a bit more subscribers than me and I put them on my featured channels list, their profile is PokemonTrainerManu and they are another Pokemon fan if you can’t tell where they do Pokemon gaming video’s.


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