"Delete me if you don’t like it"

After reading this, I realized how many blog posts of the future I have set up… I haven’t gone into full detail just for that but yeah, most of these things were things I was planning on posting at some point.

     So on facebook sometimes I put down (but very rarely) if you don’t like it delete me. And every time I do a few people do delete me. Normally its a political statement, a religious one, or something along those lines. Now I don’t do it for the drama, I do it to sort out potential drama. I could care less if I disagree with someone, in fact I disagree with basically all my friends on lots of things. But some people are so sensitive about these agreements they cause drama about it. So I guess I wanted to vent about that and just say these things.
     I am a fiscal conservative on basically all issues… Though I do think we need to fund education better and mental health facilities. I think our education system is highly flawed and their are too many insane people, depressed people, and just people who do have mental disabilities. As sad as it is we do have to tax it, but on other issues I think we should tax less on.
     I think people get angry too fast and I respect them less for it. Sorry but I do. People get upset over stupid things and its not okay.
     I am Christian and a pretty traditional one at that.
     I hate it when someone confronts me privately about an opinion and act like I am a horrible person just because I am not “liberal” or that I am part of “such a hateful religion” this happens mostly with friends my age in college.
     I don’t think people should ever be offended by jokes as long as its a joke. Jokes are harmless and make me laugh. Why be sad over things, I think I should be allowed to laugh at what I want. There are cases when people are making jokes cause they ACTUALLY believe they are better than someone. Now I am not saying that a joke downgrading someone is bad because those are the best kinds. I am saying if someone actually see’s himself higher than the other its just rude and not funny…. I see too many comedians who are like that.
     I love Daniel Tosh, South Park, and offensive shows of the like. They make me laugh and no they don’t really see themselves higher than who they are making fun of.
     I disrespect people who say they disrespect people who like certain games, shows, etc. I didn’t realize I did until recently when the new Grand Theft Auto game came out. Its not a game for me, but if you like it cool. When it did WAY too many people were pissed about how popular it is. Sorry but you upset me.
     People are going to say this entire post makes me a hypocrite, well sorry if you don’t understand what I mean by this post then I don’t care to hear you say that. I mean I am venting about the things that upset me, and I know I don’t think people should easily be angered but if you think I am actually angry and what not then I guess you are just one of those overly sensitive people.
     I have a strong dislike towards drugs and hate it when people judge me for not wanting to try it. “You need to try it once, I’ll do it with you and keep you safe.” Sorry but I am not going to try marijuana. Caffeine and drinking alcohol every so often is good enough for me and I have other ways of relaxing myself and or stimulating myself. I’m not saying if you do these things I will dislike you I am saying I don’t want you to try to peer pressure me into doing it… I am good at not falling into peer pressure and I think that’s why I have a lot of friends… I have always been myself rather than follow everyone else.
     I am going to talk about people when they are not around. Everyone does. A lot of the time its more like someone upset me and I need to vent about it. If you don’t understand this then I guess in the end I don’t really trust you… I don’t know how to put it. At the same time as me saying that, I hate it when people “vent” about others a lot. If that’s the case then I am guessing there is something you can do about it and at this point its your fault that you haven’t yet. In the end no one is perfect and everyone might have an issue with everyone. Heck I even sometimes complain about my BEST FRIENDS and I am sure they do the same towards. me.


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