Pokemon Favorites.

I am going to have a fun post about Pokemon… Well maybe not fun but a JUST FOR FUNSY’S post about Pokemon.

First I want to start of with my favorite types:
Poison: why? Because I love it when the opposing Pokemon is poisoned. Especially badly Poisoned, it takes out even the most defensive opponents, I am SO waiting for when they release a Poison legendary, the only type we don’t have yet. My screen names for video games is almost always ToxicShardShock… Toxic comes from my favorite move in Pokemon.
Electric: Well, I think electric type Pokemon are way cooler than other types for some reason. And many of my favorites are electric type. Plus hey my camp name was Shock. Of course its electric!

Well really its hard to decide upon the others.

My favorite game:
Emerald Version: I think its because of how forward it is. I have played it so many times I know basically everything and all the glitches. I can tell you that if you chose Torchic and go straight to a special spot you will find a Ralts very first thing. I can tell you above Dewford city, there’s several hidden items in the sand. I know everything about Emerald version, which trainers have what Pokemon, where Pokemon appear, what levels they evolve I almost have what level they learn moves. I love Emerald Version

Now for my favorite starters.
Treecko: For some reason I fell in love with Treecko, a fine attack AND speed. Plus its one of the underdog types, grass. I don’t really like grass type, rather I see it as a type you almost always have to have on your team. Its super effect against ground and rock types which not too many Pokemon are.
Squirtle: Actually not my first starter ever, my first starter was in Crystal version and that was Cyndaquil. But Squirtle was my first Pokemon from Red version. But I don’t think I ever got that far in red version to be honest with you… However in Leaf Green it was Bulbasaur, and I had this technique for using it.
Cyndaquil: My first starter ever and really the only fire type I like. I think probably because I always saw it as a timid Pokemon and I like timid. Plus Typhlosion is beast.

My favorite Legendaries:
To be honest, I never really liked any Legendaries that much. I kind of liked the legendary dogs, but maybe not too much.

And finally my favorite Pokemon:
well in order from most favorite to least.
Crobat: its a poison type that is actually in its third stage. It evolves from the most annoying Pokemon in the game and also one of the weekest. For some reason I love the idea of it being this huge bat, even though I don’t really care for bats. Plus its a poison type where Poison IS the dominant type. Sure there’s flying but its more recognized to be Poison.
Poliwhirl: I don’t know why, I just find it to be a really quirky Pokemon plus I love Poliwrath. And I have to say there is something cute about Poliwag.
Gallade: Psychic and Fighting, two conflicting types, almost as conflicting as Lanturn the Electric and water type. Gallade just looks cool and you can actually use him in competitive play.
Luxray: An electric freaking panther. You might think its dark and electric, but no. Something about him just makes me really like him. Maybe its the whole fact you can recognize that its an animal, but also its a pretty good Pokemon, if I must say so myself.

Well thats pretty much all I have to say about Pokemon and my opinions. Thanks for reading and PLEASE +1 this post, it would be much appreciated. (assuming you have G+)


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