What Would I do With: Invisibility?

     Well a specific question. What would I do if I were invisible? I have a couple of mini-series posts I want to make and well super powers is one of them. I made one post about them but I guess I want to go on about it.
     If I were invisible I think I would mostly use it for self-purposes… Call me selfish but I guess I don’t really see too much heroic things with invisibility. I mean I could act as a wall during a burglary, but then I’d get ran into by some jerk who might end up shooting me out of confusion. I could spy on harmful meetings from other nations but chances are I would have no idea what they were saying because I am you’re typical American who only speaks English. That and I am too ADD to be able to pay attention to a meeting.
     So in reality there is nothing heroic about being able to turn invisible. So of course it would be for my selfish deeds.
     I think the first thing I would do was avoid civilization when I wanted to. Just walk around streets minding my own business without anyone bothering me. Maybe go watch a ton of movies, read books, eat, those kind of things. If I am in trouble, well lets just vanish and hope no one notices.
     The next thing I would do would probably prank people I don’t like. Yeah that’s almost villainous but it would be fun. Continually tapping on someones shoulder. Talking to people when they are in a room by them self.
     Also I would speak up… like I would try and use a different voice and tell someone what I think… Or maybe I would sit in on others socializing and just listen and to the person full of the drama just be all like “you realize no one wants to listen to your crap.” Yeah that’s a tad rude but I am not perfect. I might seem patient but I still do get frustrated with people sometimes.
     Trying to talk to famous people would be great too without getting in trouble. Maybe not talk but give them a huge hug and say I love their work. It might freak them out some and potentially cause them to be another celebrity who even loves because of how crazy they are. But I’ll find a way to make them all go crazy. In fact that might be the most heroic thing I could do, make everyone go crazy together!
     Lastly, I honestly would probably spy on those people I like… I don’t think I would sexually just because I respect them but it feels good to be around them I guess. And I would try hard not to make them crazy. Though if everyone around them is crazy and they’re not then I wouldn’t want them to have to deal with that so I probably would.


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