My BIGGEST Pet Peeve

     Well what is my biggest pet peeve? When someone gets angry easily and/or over stupid things. I see myself as a pretty patient person. But when you throw a fit because you spilled milk I might actually slap you. I see no worth to anger. Do I get angry? Yes! I try my hardest not to. But the only people I have ever not been able to be around very much are people who get angry all the time.
     I see it as incredibly self centered to be angry often. Like for some reason you are always right and better than whatever. And the people who I know personally that are angry often, -caution I am not going to filter this,- are the biggest freaking idiots I know. Like every one of them causes something bad to happen and are trying to make everyone around them to have fault only in the end to realize its their own fault.
     I have no problem with slow people, but most easily angered people I know are incredibly slow at getting things, and i think its because they get so hot headed they can’t even think about it.
     This sounds horrible but I have a relative (or relatives) that do get angry over the dumbest things and I can’t stand being around them. To be honest most of the time I see almost no worth to people who get mad over things. I am an optimistic person, but if all you do is make everyone around you feel miserable, I don’t care how good you are at doing your job or whatever, but you DON’T deserve it.
     I can straight up say this is my most narrow-minded post and honestly I don’t care. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve after all. I have zero-tolerance towards this kind of pessimism and I might even snap back at you way harder. And this is also straight up the most hypocritical thing I have said, but the one thing that makes me the angriest are ANGRY PEOPLE!
     Okay my vent is over. With this said, here’s my words of wisdom, you can’t reason with the unreasonable.


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