Feminists in Action Movies

     Okay, here is something that bothers me. Every action movie I have seen that tries to have female characters always has one of either three types of characters. And each of them aren’t realistic and almost offensive. People get excited because they think, “Oh a strong female character!” But in my opinion its the exact opposite.
     First you have the most commonly used one. The one who is a total jerk, hates men, seems emotionless, and never happy. No person, either gender, is really like that unless they are super emotionally damaged. Every time an action movie has this female character I pray she dies. I find it offensive, anti masculinity, but also anti feminist. It’s also rather ignorant because typically directors just want that strong female character, but the character they have isn’t part of a feminist movement… Feminism, by definition is equality for all. Not some kind “This hard-@$$ is better than everyone.”
     Next you have the seducer, the one who’s actually kinder, but she still has this “men are slobs” thing going on… She has the whole I need to use sex to get what I want cause I know I can get anything this way. They always talk in sexy voices and betray every man she seduces. This is also anti-feminist, even though a lot of people consider her another strong female character… I almost feel like this the exact opposite since it’s the whole “women are just here for sex” idea that everyone gets mad about in pop-culture.
     Then finally you have the weak cry-baby girl. She’s afraid of everything cries a lot and makes everyone around her do everything cause she’s crying too much. She’s the one I have the least to say about because she isn’t as used as the others, but I think you get my point.
     In reality there aren’t that many women who fit these descriptions. Sure the first two I mentioned are independent, but can’t we have a real girl. Maybe find a girl who’s bubbly, and friendly, yet also can take care of herself. I can’t think of any action movie that has anything besides those three descriptions. I can think of several anime’s that do, and I don’t even watch anime much.
     So this is my rant that may or may not make me look like a feminist… I feel as though everyone has a different idea what feminism is.


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