So Called Missionaries

     Okay a post that might upset my Christian friends.
     I find it funny how people are willing to go to countries as a missionary evangelizing to another place that is already Christian, but when it comes to going into the big city, a place where they think God doesn’t exist, they immediately shun the idea of going there.
     I need to be honest, I have met too many people who have only ever been surrounded by Christians. They think they are the best of Christians. I am going to be honest, I think you are JUST AS GOOD AS EVERYONE ELSE!
     First off, how are you supposed to let yourself grow if your faith is never challenged. If you are only around other Christians who have the same philosophies you have been raised with, how do you know you are really a follower of Jesus, or a follower of those around you? Why are you afraid to go into a place that there are going to be people who may or may not agree with you?
     After I graduated high school suddenly I wasn’t around people who I always agreed with and with this I started to grow. I am now more aware of what God wants me to do with my faith and the traits he has given me than ever before just from not being around the same denomination of Christian friends. Sure a lot of my idea’s have changed, but I still believe in Jesus. I personally think I am a better Christian and human being.
     So if you want to evangelize, maybe go to a place you are afraid of going. Or go to a place that will challenge you. Let yourself grow and extend your limits rather than just staying in the same settings you have always been in. A tree can’t grow its maximum height if you leave it in the pot forever.


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