INFJ, Jung Personality test.

     So every time I take the Jung personality test, I am ALWAY’S the most rare kind of personality there is. INFJ, which stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Feelings, and Judging. If you want to understand what that means click here.
     Basically though it means I am good at reading people. It takes a lot for me to trust you and once I do that is a HUGE compliment. It’s hard to communicate emotions verbally, but very easily through writing. I like helping people, but am sensitive about it; which I guess means you need to be good at accepting help. And well there’s lots of other things about being an INFJ.
     It’s been a while since I took this test but I feel its still true. All the jobs suggested are jobs that I want to do. And every description I’ve read I relate to well. I think in the description from the link above my favorite line is:

  • INFJs are weird / odd / strange / extremely rare and they very much know it. They yearn to be understood and want to be accepted as they are (as most people do, of course). An INFJ is incredibly complex, so complex they confuse even themselves. They almost always feel misunderstood and ‘hidden’. They will be offended if you pass them off as ‘simple’ or ‘average’. Getting to know an INFJ takes work, so be prepared for that. A lot of gentle enquiry is required.
I feel its accurate and I don’t mean in the dorky way nor am I meaning to be that guy who’s fishing for some kind of attention, its just in general I basically always feel like that.

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