Things I’ve learned since I graduated

So I saw some friends from high school a few days ago… And it reminded me about how each of us have grown the past few years. Here’s a post about the things I have learned since I graduated.

1. People change. Or maybe grow is a better term. Some people might grow in different directions than you, but everyone grows.
2. If someone is effecting you negatively, sometimes the best thing to do is just stop talking with them.
3. Family also grow old, which might be hard for both them and you in different ways.
4. Sometimes the most important person to do something for is yourself.
5. Everyone comes from different back grounds, try to step in their shoes.
6. Sometimes when you try to be polite and nice, people just won’t treat you the same.
7. You can’t always be a people pleaser. Especially when you never please yourself.
8. Sometimes the best argument is to just shut up.
9. True humility is rare.
10. You need to be open and honest with those important to you, but you also need to be respectful and understanding.
11. A lot of peoples character and belief comes from experience… But at the same time some people can have lots of experience and still have nothing come from it.
12. Just because someone is older than you doesn’t necessarily mean you should fully respect them.
13. Its okay if you get criticized and its okay if you get compliments. It depends on what you do with them.
14. You need to surround yourself with happy things.
15. Anger solves nothing.
16. There’s still important people I have yet to meet.
17. Life is short. Don’t limit yourself but still remember to not ruin yourself… I guess I mean being immature is often mature, but don’t do anything that will really make things difficult.
18. If you enjoy something and someone thinks its immature (like Pokemon) they themselves are immature.
19. When someone insults you without knowing you, laugh at them.
20. Everything is funny you just have to let it be.
21. The most important part of being a Christian is worship.


Random Facts of me

Well this is weird… Why am I doing a random post about random facts?

Well lets see…
1. I tend to be the lowest singer in choirs I am in.
2. I entered college being better at music theory than other music students and helped them with homework.
3. I really want kids and even have names picked out.
4. I am hoping to adopt kids… Even if I don’t ever find the right person.
5. My dream job is to be a famous story teller.
6. I really want to a lot of stuff on youtube, but lack a lot of the skills and things needed for what I want to do.
7. Some people call me Shaggy… But at camp my name was Shock.
8. I hide my feelings better than most people.
9. I don’t give a crap about what most people think of me.
10. I think I am probably harder on my self than most people… Which kind of makes it hard to motivate myself to do things.
11. I want to travel a lot in the future.
12. I have been to 8 states. 10 if you include lay overs.
13. I get tired easily but have a hard time sleeping…
14. I spend a lot of time in bed, hoping I can sleep.
15. The smell and taste of coffee is unbearable for me. So strong that it has caused me to actually throw up before.
17. I have considered living in Los Angeles, Denver, and Ireland.
18. I always like quirky goofy characters in games, movies, and books the best.
19. I am good at not having drama in my life. Or at least I just am oblivious to it.
20. I often just blabber about things that might sound complainy but really I tend to be indifferent… Meaning I am probably the most carefree person I know.

Christmas Wish List 2013

Well, here’s my Christmas wish list for anyone who might be interested!
Legend of Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds
Rome II Total War
The Sims 3 University Life OR Island Paradise
Luigi’s Mansion 2 (For 3DS)
Amazon Gift Card
iTunes card
The thing this link goes too

Things that aren’t as important
New Laptop
Diablo III
Riot Points (available at gamestop)

My top 5 favorite video games

So here’s my post that I promised… Though I still have no idea what I am going to post about… I am thinking maybe something about my favorite video games.
Well I think in 5th place it’s the Total War Series… Medieval Total War II to be specific is my favorite (that I’ve played) Its a Real Time Strategy (RTS) which is probably my favorite genre where you control and build cities then fight other nations. Rome and Medieval are both set in Europe, then there’s several others that are set in other places as well. It might be hard if your new to it, especially if you don’t play RTS games and its pretty intense as well at times.

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth I and II are 4th on the list. It’s the game that got me into RTS games. Being a Lord of the Rings fan I really have to give this game props… And it was probably the game I played the most in middle school and early high school. You have a small area where you build things and those things can give you units, money, and things in that nature. I highly recommend it if you haven’t. Its not too complicated and is a good game to start if you’re new to RTS games.

Now for the games that I have spent way too much time playing more recently. I would probably be more successful (and dull) if it weren’t for these games as I have invested lots more time in playing them. I think the reason I like the next few games so much is there’s multiple characters you can invest time (and sometimes emotion) into. Each character has a minor back story and special things to contribute.

I have invested way too much time in this free to play game. League of Legends is constantly updating new features and adding new characters and is a genre that is newly getting popular Multi-player Battle Arena. Basically the best way I can describe that is like Hunger Games. Its one of the most (and maybe/probably is) the most online played computer game today. It is a free to play game and you can unlock characters as you play, but they make money by allowing you to buy characters quicker and making different visuals for characters that might look cooler. I have maybe spent 30 dollars on this game but have invest a lot of time in playing it. I recommend it and if you play, I am ToxicShardShock. The only thing I don’t like is the community of the game, lots of people have horrible attitudes and troll often.

Second is Pokemon. Yes you heard correctly, one of the things I talk about the most is not my first favorite game. Pokemon is part of my childhood and I haven’t missed a game since I got my GameBoy Advance…. That is in the main series of Pokemon. There are lots of different series. Pokemon is an adventure game, that takes strategy. With lots of Pokemon, and lots of moves it is always entertaining. I have bought every game the day it came out since I was about 13… Well they tend to come in two’s with not much difference in the counterpart games, then a third is released about a year later. I guess I don’t have EVERY Pokemon game, but I have on from each new release. Being part of my childhood, I can’t help but feel overly excited whenever new Pokemon are released. I always want to spoil the game (Love spoilers.) I will never get tired of the video games. My favorite so far is Emerald version. You can beat it quick, but still have those difficult times. For some reason, I also find it refreshing to play Emerald version.

My all time favorite game, the game that actually beats Pokemon is FIRE EMBLEM. It has everything I love. Amazing gameplay, lots of strategy, character development, amazing artwork, cool looking characters, fairly difficult settings, amazing story lines, and amazing music. This game, to me, is perfect. I don’t talk about it as much, I think, because maybe it didn’t have a show, or maybe because its not as big as Pokemon or League of Legends. But every time I play it, I just feel good. I have gotten lots of friends to play it and have been finding more people to play it as well. I was very excited when the most recent one was released, and even more excited when I learned lots of people I recently befriended also play it. This game is simple enough for anyone to play it, but also difficult enough for anyone to want to invest some time in. Its a pretty casual game (meaning you don’t have to invest too much time in it and pick it up again easily) and after you play the first few chapters, you should understand it quite well. Again, I think this game is perfect and I really wish there were books or a movie based on it, because the story line is so well done. I highly recommend it to people. Its a Nintendo series game and currently has 6 games release in the US. If you use emulators, there are two Game Boy Advance games. There is also one for GameCube and its sequel is for the Wii. There is also one for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. I don’t know I can pic a favorite as they are all so good and also different enough so its not too repetitive. I wish more people knew about this game because I feel its probably one of the best games AND genre’s out there… Its a total strategy game kind of similar to Chess and the board game Stratego.

Disclaimer (sort of not really). There are probably typo’s. I know the rules of grammar, but I bet you understood the jist of what I said… I am lazy and don’t want to edit this a billion times. Sorry grammar nazi’s.

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