Random Facts of me

Well this is weird… Why am I doing a random post about random facts?

Well lets see…
1. I tend to be the lowest singer in choirs I am in.
2. I entered college being better at music theory than other music students and helped them with homework.
3. I really want kids and even have names picked out.
4. I am hoping to adopt kids… Even if I don’t ever find the right person.
5. My dream job is to be a famous story teller.
6. I really want to a lot of stuff on youtube, but lack a lot of the skills and things needed for what I want to do.
7. Some people call me Shaggy… But at camp my name was Shock.
8. I hide my feelings better than most people.
9. I don’t give a crap about what most people think of me.
10. I think I am probably harder on my self than most people… Which kind of makes it hard to motivate myself to do things.
11. I want to travel a lot in the future.
12. I have been to 8 states. 10 if you include lay overs.
13. I get tired easily but have a hard time sleeping…
14. I spend a lot of time in bed, hoping I can sleep.
15. The smell and taste of coffee is unbearable for me. So strong that it has caused me to actually throw up before.
17. I have considered living in Los Angeles, Denver, and Ireland.
18. I always like quirky goofy characters in games, movies, and books the best.
19. I am good at not having drama in my life. Or at least I just am oblivious to it.
20. I often just blabber about things that might sound complainy but really I tend to be indifferent… Meaning I am probably the most carefree person I know.


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