Things I’ve learned since I graduated

So I saw some friends from high school a few days ago… And it reminded me about how each of us have grown the past few years. Here’s a post about the things I have learned since I graduated.

1. People change. Or maybe grow is a better term. Some people might grow in different directions than you, but everyone grows.
2. If someone is effecting you negatively, sometimes the best thing to do is just stop talking with them.
3. Family also grow old, which might be hard for both them and you in different ways.
4. Sometimes the most important person to do something for is yourself.
5. Everyone comes from different back grounds, try to step in their shoes.
6. Sometimes when you try to be polite and nice, people just won’t treat you the same.
7. You can’t always be a people pleaser. Especially when you never please yourself.
8. Sometimes the best argument is to just shut up.
9. True humility is rare.
10. You need to be open and honest with those important to you, but you also need to be respectful and understanding.
11. A lot of peoples character and belief comes from experience… But at the same time some people can have lots of experience and still have nothing come from it.
12. Just because someone is older than you doesn’t necessarily mean you should fully respect them.
13. Its okay if you get criticized and its okay if you get compliments. It depends on what you do with them.
14. You need to surround yourself with happy things.
15. Anger solves nothing.
16. There’s still important people I have yet to meet.
17. Life is short. Don’t limit yourself but still remember to not ruin yourself… I guess I mean being immature is often mature, but don’t do anything that will really make things difficult.
18. If you enjoy something and someone thinks its immature (like Pokemon) they themselves are immature.
19. When someone insults you without knowing you, laugh at them.
20. Everything is funny you just have to let it be.
21. The most important part of being a Christian is worship.


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