Big moments for me!

I am one of those people who think about life a lot. And I was thinking about a lot of those big moments everyone has that they also need.

The first one I think would have to be taking piano lessons… Before I always kind of looked down at them but after playing piano in a music class in third grade I really wanted to play…. I never got good and I never really practiced, but music is probably one of the biggest things in my life and how my personality and confidence has developed.
One big moment I think was learning I have acid reflex disease… In elementary school I was that kid who got sick all the time, and someone was joking about how back then I threw up at least once a week. I wonder where my health would be now if I never learned that. I was ten when it happened and I think my teacher at the time was the one who suggested that I might have it and should get it checked.
6th grade was full of all sorts of surprises…. I had never really been a part of any group activity until then… I started to play trombone in band… being the only one of course. Then I started basketball and told myself I wouldn’t back down… I remember when I was signing up being outrageously nervous and almost wanted to tell my parents nevermind… But I stuck with it… I wasn’t the best player, and I actually had never really played basketball before. But my team ended up winning the championships that season. I don’t know what happened to the coach but for some reason I remember him, not his first name though, just remember some of his tips to help me get better. I remember also sharing the news of my basketball team winning the championships, and no one in the class knew I even played basketball… I was rather quiet back then.
The opposite happened when I was in baseball for the first time in 6th grade too. We lost every game…. Which I kind of laugh at now. I actually didn’t like being in it at all even though I had friends in it. I was really bad and some of the other kids on the team were really whiny. I remember getting an award at the end for being the most team spirited though!
In 7th grade I joined something called Whiskey Hill jazz club (I stopped basketball and base ball after 6th grade). WHJC I had probably the most growth. I remember hating being in at times because I would get frustrated with either myself for not being on top of things or being frustrated with other members. At times I wanted to quit. But I did learn a lot about personal motivation and discipline through WHJC. We had at least one gig a month but generally it was like 3-6 a month each Summer. I learned a lot about performance and I am very confident in front of people. I kind of lost all cases of stage fright through it.. But its funny because in choir I get nervous singing by myself in front of the choir. That’s the only time I ever really get stage fright.
9th grade the start of high school… Well I think the most remembered thing was failing 6 classes. OUCH! I think what happened was I had this HORRIBLE English teacher with a wacky idea of how to grade things and I feel like she said a lot of discouraging things to me. I think because I failed her class the first term I became WAY to hard on myself and kind of just stopped trying in school, which ¬†caused me to fail even more classes. Then my Sophomore year I suddenly got A’s in English classes and even though I was told English class was my worse subject, which I always knew was my best… I ended up getting fantastic testing scores in the area. I have never gotten less than an A on an essay since and when I took college placements I actually exceeded the writing parts. I know I make a lot of mistakes in my blogs, but to me its just a casual thing I do for fun so I don’t really care as much. (Maybe I shouldn’t put that on my resume)
Lets see… The next big thing was youth group, which was when I took church more seriously. And I was allowed to be silly, and I think thats part of the reason why I am a silly person and I also got a lot of my humor from my youth pastor… But I think that made me crazy silly was becoming a camp counselor at Canby Grove… I was quiet at first but I opened up a lot afterwards. I think Canby Grove was a huge wake up to knowing who I am and just figuring out what I want to do with life.
I joined choir my Junior year, but didn’t start to get super involved until college…. So I will just talk more about Canby Grove. I became a full time counselor after I graduated, before I was a co-counselor, basically. I really realized it was my turn to be in charge and setting rules. I also learned about discipline…. Which sounds kind of harsh but I guess what I mean is I learned sometimes I need to stand up for things. Sometimes kids do things and they need a form of punishment. I never had major issues with anyone, I kind of learned how to set things to avoid them, but if something did happen, I learned that I can’t just be nice and let them go. Sometimes you need to be the bad guy.
Now choir in college… Pretty much all of my friends I chat with most now I met through choir… At first I was quiet and only had one or two friends (LOVE YOU CHRIS) but the following year I made many more. I ended up going for a third year to college mainly for the choir that and I really kind of was just unsure of what I wanted, but I also learned about who I am as an adult through choir and met my independence through it.
Speaking of independence, the most recent big even was…. MOVING OUT! I mean seriously, you can’t really get more independent than leaving your parents house. I have met many great people after moving out (and some not so great) and not only that I have been incredibly lucky with the people I have met. Very generous and peaceful people!
So yeah those are my bigger moments that I can think of. Thanks for reading!


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