Top Favorites: Day 5- Shows

So I decided to do one of those things where you post something daily… Only I created it and I am only doing it for 10 days.
Basically you just list your favorite things in that category and explain why they are your favorites. You only list your top 3 though.

Top favorites
1 Video Game
2 Movie
3 Book
4 Band
5 Show
6 Country
7 Disney Character
8 Super Hero
9 Genre (Music/show/book)
10 Youtubers

Day 5: Shows

3. Arrow, a TV show based on the Green Arrow comics. One of the only hero’s DC I like. A modern day Robin Hood, vigilante Olver Queen comes from one of the wealthiest families. He is lost an island and then comes back as some kind of crime fighting hero. Arrow also introduces other characters from the DC universe (Some really big names, but I won’t spoil it). Its full of mystery and drama as you watch his life back home, and the flashbacks he has while on the island.

2. Tosh.0… Okay half of the people who I know, probably think this show is of Satan… but I think its hilarious. I have this belief that you should be allowed to laugh at whatever… Laughter is the best medicine. At times I squirm and wish I didn’t see what I just saw, but I laugh at most everything on this show. Offensive is a polite way of describing this show. Sure there’s times when you shouldn’t make a joke, but often the funniest people are those who take sensitive matters of THEIR life and turn it into a joke. To me thats perfect and makes things seem lighter.

1. Key and Peele, two hosts doing stand up and sketch comedy. It mostly makes fun of all the stereotypes on all the different races and kind of makes fun of white people the most if you look at it a certain way (in the sense of white people are racist aspect). This show has cause me to laugh harder and longer more than any other show…. Its mildly inappropriate, but I don’t know that I would consider it too offensive; well at least not compared to other comedians I have seen.



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