Top Favorites: Day 6- Countries

So I decided to do one of those things where you post something daily… Only I created it and I am only doing it for 10 days.
Basically you just list your favorite things in that category and explain why they are your favorites. You only list your top 3 though.

Top favorites
1 Video Game
2 Movie
3 Book
4 Band
5 Show
6 Country
7 Disney Character
8 Super Hero
9 Genre (Music/show/book)
10 Youtubers

Day 6: Countries

Okay, sorry, but my OWN country doesn’t count.

3. Chile, first off this country is basically just a freaking line on the south west coast of freaking South America. That and its supposed to be cold. I don’t like cold, but when I think of SA, I think of warm and a little tropical. I have scene pictures of the scenery here and it is BEAUTIFUL. It seems to be a little rural, but I believe its still considered a first world country (so I don’t have to worry about dying… Joking!) That and it has Easter island, which I have been wanting to travel to. Chile is a country I hope to visit someday.

2. Japanese food is fantastic and simple. Sushi is great, Teriyaki, GREAT, and all these interesting candies. I’ve heard Tokyo is a place that is mesmerizing. Not only that but VIDEO GAMES! First off, freaking Pokemon Centers. THEY HAVE POKEMON CENTERS! I can check out all things Pokemon, which I REALLY want to do. Then who doesn’t want to check out all the other Nintendo things? You don’t have to play video games to love Mario.

1. Ireland! Alternative Folk music! HOT accents, and GREEN! GREEN EVERYWHERE! Irish people are some of the most attractive (in my opinion) people around. They also have great music, and from my understanding some of the friendliest people around. I find Irish culture to be very interesting, and I also find the History of Ireland to be very interesting. That and the title of the country just seems to role off your tongue, IRELAND! Oh, did I mention the flags colors are some of my favorites? Well, Green and Orange.


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