Top Favorites: Day 7- Disney Characters

So I decided to do one of those things where you post something daily… Only I created it and I am only doing it for 10 days.
Basically you just list your favorite things in that category and explain why they are your favorites. You only list your top 3 though.

Top favorites
1 Video Game
2 Movie
3 Book
4 Band
5 Show
6 Country
7 Disney Character
8 Super Hero
9 Genre (Music/show/book)
10 Youtubers

Day 7: Disney Characters

3. Rapunzel. I don’t really know why, but I think its because she’s a little ditzy and I find it really random that her hair glows when she sings… I also have a friend (Who is Russian Orthodox, so she doesn’t cut her hair) who reminds me of Rapunzel.

2. Jiminy cricket is kind of the Hermes, (in my opinion). Hermes is also my favorite Greek God. Something about Jiminy just makes me like him, okay?

1. Aladdin, A Disney Princess movie where the main character isn’t actually a Disney Princess… In fact I don’t know if its Disney Princess movie at all! For some reason I just really like Aladdin. Maybe its that his life seems exciting, or that he has a genie…. Or something along those lines.


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