Things Facebook has Taught me

1. People don’t like different opinions.
2. People won’t listen to what you have to say and you can’t change their minds.
3. Some people are secretly dramatic.
4. People will take personal offense when you have an opinion different than theirs.
5. Media has a huge influence on peoples ideas and philosophies.
6. I am not the only person who likes certain things.
7. Some people who seem shy are often just either very humble or very stuck up.
8. You’ll probably upset someone with every action you do.
9. How to keep things to myself.
10. How not to be overly dramatic.
11. People are much more self centered than they might seem.
12. Random TV shows that I never would have thought to watch before.
13. How to say something and realize if it offends someone then that’s their problem.
14. How small the world is.
15. And really, it did leave me a bit more forgiving towards people.


Too Many Friends on Facebook

So right now my friends list is about 530, which is a little above average. I don’t really care… But a few years ago I was actually close to 700 friends on facebook! I felt kind of proud of myself because I had more friends on facebook than about 95% of people…
But then I decided to delete a lot of people. I deleted those random people I had a couple classes with, those kids who added everyone even though they hardly know you. (I actually normally just accepted requests, not send). Mostly I deleted people I didn’t know.. I ended up deleting I think 200 or more people.
I eventually got back up to about 650 people and was starting to get frustrated… I’d get messages from people I NEVER talked to and didn’t really care about… Before I just deleted people I didn’t really know but this time I decided to delete more. I deleted people I didn’t know, people who I didn’t really care for; who I for whatever reason added. I also deleted a lot of people who would message me saying they were unhappy with my posts or really negative on my posts in general. This time I deleted about 200 and telling myself I won’t get over 500 friends on facebook.
Here I am back to about 530ish friends on facebook. A lot of my friends that were added after 500 are the new friends I have made through college and living in Portland and what not. Am I going to do another friends purge? Maybe, but I feel like I already deleted those people!

On a side note, I am a huge fan of lists. I have a list for easily offended people, family, choir, high school, best friends and… well you get the picture. I sometimes post things accordingly to specific people so if like I post something that might offend a group of people I will make it so they can’t see it so I don’t have potential drama. Facebook has made it so you can have a crap ton of friends but make it so you don’t have so much cluster and annoyances. The whole point of lists.

Movie: Less

Less, directed by Gabriel Diamond; Starring Zak Barnett and Rebecca Noon.
Also co-directed by Zak Barnett and Gabriel Goldstein

I wanted to write a note for this independent movie because I found it inspirational.
To sum it up it’s about a homeless man who always sits in the same place everyday… Then a girl who seems to have social anxiety disorder comes along noticing that the homeless man sits there everyday… Well I am not going to ruin the entire movie… But I think you should watch it.

This movie gives you a perspective you probably don’t think about. A line I liked was “Just because it’s invisible, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”
Again I am not going to ruin the movie. There’s a lot to be learned from it. If you like those kinds of movies, I highly recommend it. You can watch it on Amazon!

Less (2010) Poster

Changes and Growth

I need to be honest with everyone. I love Oregon. But I really want something new. I’ve already been pretty distant. I guess I’ve just been doing some soul searching. I am not the same person as I was Just a year ago… When I was first moving into Portland. When the opportunity came up it was something I couldn’t pass down. It’s been great while I have been living here. But a few things kind of crushed me. Realizing its likely I wasn’t able to back to school this year was one… Having issues finding a job… which I haven’t fully ever talked about. (lets just say I am dumb and need to proof read resume’s)
I have met some amazing people this past year. Most of them older, but I’ve always been told I kind of have an older mind. But to be perfectly honest I have been kind of having an identity crisis. I once was very confident. I have had some amazing opportunities. This past year I have been distant towards lots of people. And I guess what I am about to say won’t really make it better.
As I continue to grow as a person, I am still ¬†yet looking for something new… You know that calling. Still have yet to meet lots of people. I know my passions. Music, telling stories, trying to be funny, and I want to further my creativity. And I guess I feel like I want to still get away.
Whether this will happen or not, I don’t know. But I think I want to move somewhere far and kind of just start a new life. Generally I am a happy person, but I feel I still have lots of growth and I feel moving somewhere will help with that. Places I have considered are some of the major cities in California or Denver, CO.
California because I feel it would be a lot different than what I am used to mentality wise. And I also feel with my experience’s it would be easier to further my skills there.
Colorado because, well its always been a place I’ve been interested in. To me its similar to Oregon, but still different enough. Similar because it still has major cities and it also has the small towns around them.
I’m not looking for attention nor anything from anyone. Support would be nice. I know before I can fully start considering it, I need a job that pays decent. I need encouragement, that is one of the things I say is hardest to live without. I also would like patience. I mentioned being distant from people, and this move would make things worse, but I guess life is about change. I need to grow up and become the man God wants me to be. I’ve been kind of just sailing through life without really knowing where I am going to go.

If you guys know anyone hiring in Portland, or somewhere I can get to by transit, letting me know would be much appreciated if you sent me there… And maybe even allow me to use you as a reference.
And don’t worry… I am still Keith! I am still awkward and dorky. I still am quiet in big groups of people and really silly in small groups. Pokemon and super hero’s are still some obsessions. I will always be that guy. I just need to further myself.
In the end, I truly do appreciate everyone, even if we don’t talk or anything. Even slight acquaintances have helped me, and neither of us probably even realize it. I might not always show, but genuinely I like pretty much everyone. We’re all people with our own stories. And its something sentiment to someone.