Too Many Friends on Facebook

So right now my friends list is about 530, which is a little above average. I don’t really care… But a few years ago I was actually close to 700 friends on facebook! I felt kind of proud of myself because I had more friends on facebook than about 95% of people…
But then I decided to delete a lot of people. I deleted those random people I had a couple classes with, those kids who added everyone even though they hardly know you. (I actually normally just accepted requests, not send). Mostly I deleted people I didn’t know.. I ended up deleting I think 200 or more people.
I eventually got back up to about 650 people and was starting to get frustrated… I’d get messages from people I NEVER talked to and didn’t really care about… Before I just deleted people I didn’t really know but this time I decided to delete more. I deleted people I didn’t know, people who I didn’t really care for; who I for whatever reason added. I also deleted a lot of people who would message me saying they were unhappy with my posts or really negative on my posts in general. This time I deleted about 200 and telling myself I won’t get over 500 friends on facebook.
Here I am back to about 530ish friends on facebook. A lot of my friends that were added after 500 are the new friends I have made through college and living in Portland and what not. Am I going to do another friends purge? Maybe, but I feel like I already deleted those people!

On a side note, I am a huge fan of lists. I have a list for easily offended people, family, choir, high school, best friends and… well you get the picture. I sometimes post things accordingly to specific people so if like I post something that might offend a group of people I will make it so they can’t see it so I don’t have potential drama. Facebook has made it so you can have a crap ton of friends but make it so you don’t have so much cluster and annoyances. The whole point of lists.


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