Things Facebook has Taught me

1. People don’t like different opinions.
2. People won’t listen to what you have to say and you can’t change their minds.
3. Some people are secretly dramatic.
4. People will take personal offense when you have an opinion different than theirs.
5. Media has a huge influence on peoples ideas and philosophies.
6. I am not the only person who likes certain things.
7. Some people who seem shy are often just either very humble or very stuck up.
8. You’ll probably upset someone with every action you do.
9. How to keep things to myself.
10. How not to be overly dramatic.
11. People are much more self centered than they might seem.
12. Random TV shows that I never would have thought to watch before.
13. How to say something and realize if it offends someone then that’s their problem.
14. How small the world is.
15. And really, it did leave me a bit more forgiving towards people.


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