Hamster Rap

This is what I remember it to be as. I wrote it for Creative Writing my Sophomore year. I lost it but I think this is close enough… I was a weird kid….

Hamster Rap

I’m a Hamster
Boy it feels good, 
Music makes me a jamster
The hamster who could

Wigga wigga wack
It’s Hamster rap (x2)

Dancing to the music
On my hind legs
These are great accoustics
Make the girls lay some eggs.

Wigga wigga wack
It’s Hamster rap (x2)

Shaking my furry butt
Waving my hands in the air
Make you say “what?”
I really don’t care

Wigga wigga wack
It’s Hamster rap (x2)

I gotta tell you friend
I think this is alright
This song is about to end
But no worries
I’ll remember to write


Random facts!

First of I want to apologize for not updating my blog too often. I go through times where I want to post all the time then times where I don’t. With that said, I figured I might make a random facts post with stuff a lot of people might not know about me!

1. I’ve taken more baths than showers in my life… I love them.
2. I am double jointed, I can do weird stuff with my arms and legs and stuff.
3. I played two sports in 6th grade…. Basketball we won our championships for the division. Baseball we lost EVERY game.
4. I started piano lessons when I was 8…. Though I never practiced and didn’t really have time to keep it up after I discontinued lessons, so I am not good at all.
5. When I was a freshmen, people paid me to do their homework, but I rarely did my own.
6. I am obsessed with super hero’s specifically marvel. I can have conversations with people for hours… They normally have no idea what I am talking about though. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t know more about Marvel super hero’s than me…. Though I have seen them on TV.
7. Speaking of super hero’s, it is my dream to be the next Stan Lee. I have several journals FILLED with super hero idea’s and even story lines and all.
8. I really want a Pomeranian, a pug, and/or a bull dog.
9. I find Irish accents and Latino accents very attractive.
10. I have a ton of allergies and supposed health problems…. But in all honesty I feel GREAT!
11. I want to go to Ireland, Japan, and Chile… And lots of other places.
12. I grew up on a filbert (hazelnut) farm.
13. We had pet Llama’s my ENTIRE life. They’re even older than I am.
14. I have a green ukulele. Though I can’t really play it.
15. I can sort of speak German, but only a very basic amount.
16. I failed several classes in high school… I think because I had a teacher who crushed me, but I ended up getting on honor roll every term senior and junior year.
17. My college GPA is over 3.5, I don’t know the exact number. But I got like one C in a math class and a B in a Theology class.
18. My room mate is over twice my age.
19. I traveled to Florida without telling anyone until I got there.
20. I want to be on the show “The Amazing Race” so bad its not even funny. I have the perfect partner idea who I’d do it too.
21. I was on a Racquetball team in high school. Most people didn’t even know it existed.
22. I love living in Oregon, but I want to move to another state, Southern California and Colorado being the front runners.
23. I have never been outside of the country.
24. I don’t have my drivers license.
25. My dream career would be something to positively effect kids lives. Idea’s for that are to be a teacher, write books and what not orientate towards kids, or even make cartoons helping kids.
26. I especially want to work with kids coming from broken families or kids with special needs.
27. When I am out in the sun a lot, my hair gets fairly blond.
28. I apparently fit the requirements to be in the Marines without trying to when I was a Junior in high school.
29. I almost joined the navy straight out of high school, the reason I didn’t was because I had just gotten a position to work at a summer camp when I was looking into joining the navy.
30. I paid for all my college courses with my own money. No financial aid, loans, scholarships, nor help from parents.

Why I hate League of Legends

First off is the community. I feel like the owners of the game do not do the best with monitoring the chat system. You get so many people being total jerks. I have friends who do this. I always take a break from this game and thats the main reason.  They tell everyone you suck kill yourself and stuff like that.
Then you also get people who aren’t that great and then you lose really hard because you get paired up with them. Really this game, you can be super good but just have bad luck. You get paired up with bad people, the game see’s you lose and puts you with more people who lose often, so you just constantly get paired with bad teams and lose some more.
The next is the customer service. When ever I try to message them something it takes over a week for them to respond.
They are not private. There are multiple websites that show how often you play your scores your losses EVEN items you buy with real money.

I always think I want to start playing this game. I end up starting back up and doing pretty good. But every time I play their is some person who talks like their life depends on this game. It’s incredibly depressing how rude people are. If the company banned profiles more often I would be more willing to play, so they can get rid of Toxic players. They don’t permanently ban profiles often from my understanding if anything they give them warnings and time penalties. And I understand these people invest in the game, but I think more people would play if the company did more about this