Why I hate League of Legends

First off is the community. I feel like the owners of the game do not do the best with monitoring the chat system. You get so many people being total jerks. I have friends who do this. I always take a break from this game and thats the main reason.  They tell everyone you suck kill yourself and stuff like that.
Then you also get people who aren’t that great and then you lose really hard because you get paired up with them. Really this game, you can be super good but just have bad luck. You get paired up with bad people, the game see’s you lose and puts you with more people who lose often, so you just constantly get paired with bad teams and lose some more.
The next is the customer service. When ever I try to message them something it takes over a week for them to respond.
They are not private. There are multiple websites that show how often you play your scores your losses EVEN items you buy with real money.

I always think I want to start playing this game. I end up starting back up and doing pretty good. But every time I play their is some person who talks like their life depends on this game. It’s incredibly depressing how rude people are. If the company banned profiles more often I would be more willing to play, so they can get rid of Toxic players. They don’t permanently ban profiles often from my understanding if anything they give them warnings and time penalties. And I understand these people invest in the game, but I think more people would play if the company did more about this


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