Random facts!

First of I want to apologize for not updating my blog too often. I go through times where I want to post all the time then times where I don’t. With that said, I figured I might make a random facts post with stuff a lot of people might not know about me!

1. I’ve taken more baths than showers in my life… I love them.
2. I am double jointed, I can do weird stuff with my arms and legs and stuff.
3. I played two sports in 6th grade…. Basketball we won our championships for the division. Baseball we lost EVERY game.
4. I started piano lessons when I was 8…. Though I never practiced and didn’t really have time to keep it up after I discontinued lessons, so I am not good at all.
5. When I was a freshmen, people paid me to do their homework, but I rarely did my own.
6. I am obsessed with super hero’s specifically marvel. I can have conversations with people for hours… They normally have no idea what I am talking about though. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t know more about Marvel super hero’s than me…. Though I have seen them on TV.
7. Speaking of super hero’s, it is my dream to be the next Stan Lee. I have several journals FILLED with super hero idea’s and even story lines and all.
8. I really want a Pomeranian, a pug, and/or a bull dog.
9. I find Irish accents and Latino accents very attractive.
10. I have a ton of allergies and supposed health problems…. But in all honesty I feel GREAT!
11. I want to go to Ireland, Japan, and Chile… And lots of other places.
12. I grew up on a filbert (hazelnut) farm.
13. We had pet Llama’s my ENTIRE life. They’re even older than I am.
14. I have a green ukulele. Though I can’t really play it.
15. I can sort of speak German, but only a very basic amount.
16. I failed several classes in high school… I think because I had a teacher who crushed me, but I ended up getting on honor roll every term senior and junior year.
17. My college GPA is over 3.5, I don’t know the exact number. But I got like one C in a math class and a B in a Theology class.
18. My room mate is over twice my age.
19. I traveled to Florida without telling anyone until I got there.
20. I want to be on the show “The Amazing Race” so bad its not even funny. I have the perfect partner idea who I’d do it too.
21. I was on a Racquetball team in high school. Most people didn’t even know it existed.
22. I love living in Oregon, but I want to move to another state, Southern California and Colorado being the front runners.
23. I have never been outside of the country.
24. I don’t have my drivers license.
25. My dream career would be something to positively effect kids lives. Idea’s for that are to be a teacher, write books and what not orientate towards kids, or even make cartoons helping kids.
26. I especially want to work with kids coming from broken families or kids with special needs.
27. When I am out in the sun a lot, my hair gets fairly blond.
28. I apparently fit the requirements to be in the Marines without trying to when I was a Junior in high school.
29. I almost joined the navy straight out of high school, the reason I didn’t was because I had just gotten a position to work at a summer camp when I was looking into joining the navy.
30. I paid for all my college courses with my own money. No financial aid, loans, scholarships, nor help from parents.


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