Evil crows, polite assassins, feeding China, and window nudity!

I am the kind of person who likes to sing to himself and laugh to himself, often when I do it… I am by myself. So here I am singing on the sidewalk at a time and place where there’s quite a bit of people driving on the road next to me.  With singing to myself I suddenly did some immediate improvisation; going like this, “This girl is on FIIIRRAAAAAHH! Holy shiznits a blaspheming demon eating my face! THUMP” as I scream loudly spazzing out to the point of tripping and falling into something because a crow popped out from the bushes. All I can really say to that is… I am glad those driving by had some short amusement from a tall-lanky kid freaking out on the sidewalk.

Well the day gets better. As I am getting to my destination from walking… A hurst doesn’t notice me because it is trying to get through some cars blocking the lane and blocking site of any pedestrians… Not only that but as I am leaving my destination, an ambulance comes flailing down the street that I had to get off of quick because I didn’t realize it was close to me. I think someone was trying to assassinate me but wanted to be polite about it with the vehicles to store dead people.

As the day carried on, I decided to head to the dollar store. When I got there it was going to close in less than 10 minutes. For some reason some lady decided to feed China with Easter candy… Or at least thats what it seemed like. Its rare I see someone have a shopping cart inside of the dollar store… It’s even rarer that they have it filled ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP AND THEN SOME! Who on earth needs to get so much Easter related items, mostly candy, from the dollar tree at 8:55 at night, 5 minutes before the store closes. Can’t you get 3 times as much candy for just maybe a dollar more at the grocery store? That and its much better quality! Sure if you just wanted a candy bar or something I understand going to the dollar store, but to feed an entire country you can get WAY more and WAY better at a simple grocery store all within decent price range.

You thought the day was over? No. Just one last thing. There is a residence inn with ground level windows… Like a store downtown where you can see everything inside and even pop in the window from the sidewalk. Well as I am just a foot away from this window I notice a TV on. What is on this TV? Naked people. I thought it was from a movie or a show. But no. What’s infront of the TV lying in bed. Multiple naked people. Like as in more than two. Sitting in bed. With their sidewalk window wide open for the night people to see. What is just down the street from these people? A patrol officers sitting in his car as if he had been there for a while. And just so you know, it was like both ways going and coming.

And with this was another normal day for me.


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