My blog!

So I guess I want to talk more about what I want to do with my blog. I’ve been using it for both more humorous aspects, reviews on things, and life philosophies… If you were following me on Blogspot originally you would know that even more. First, I have been bad at updating lately.. I have idea’s but I obviously can’t post daily… I don’t know if I have a schedule that I’d be committed to but maybe if I told myself something like Every Tuesday (oddly enough Tuesdays are apparently the day I am on the most). With the every Tuesday I might throw in smaller posts just to keep a little bit of activity or when I have something smaller/shorter to share. I am also thinking about resharing older posts that I still hold to from Blogspot so they can some audience on WordPress through out the week as well.
I will still do humorous posts, lists, reviews, and small philosophies… I want to try and commit more to the humorous aspects, which I’ve found to be more difficult to write about, but I guess I will just have to see where life will take me.
I also wouldn’t mind suggestions of topics to discuss… Nothing too controversial nor political, because I feel like if I share those kinds of opinions too much on my public blog it will limit my audience… Though I will still post things regarding my faith, but won’t limit it to just that. So if you have any suggestions, say, my opinion on something that isn’t very controversial, I’d love to hear it! I am not just asking that because I don’t have idea’s. I want to know my audience I guess is the best way to describe it.
As regarding to my inactivity… Funny enough, I actually at some point had a journal filled with post idea’s… It’s just at times I felt a tad too lazy to write something, but I want to commit myself and I think I have been getting into a good mindset to do that. I can’t find that journal at the moment…. But I still have idea’s.

I also want to do a small thing where I will briefly talk about future posts… Partly because I think it will help my commitment, but also to have that “stay tuned” aspect in my blog. You know whats coming and I am advertising future posts. I am not sure how I will incorporate that into my blog but I am thinking about every few blog posts I will add one called “Stay tuned…” where I mention topics for some of the upcoming posts. Which in fact I think I will do that now and you can click HERE to find the link for that post…
Also on the side of my blog I mention “CheifShock” you should also like that on facebook and it would mean a lot! I only post my latest “bigger” posts and new video’s on my Youtube channel.

Anyway, to those who follow me THANKS! To my facebook friends who click on it THANKS! (You should make an account so you can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to me so I know I have people there rather than just numbers in my “stats”) and THANKS to those random people on Tumblr, who I also love.


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