Toxic People and hypocrisy

Not too long ago I deleted a girl on my facebook… Which I know is dumb to be posting about, but there was one day she was telling a bunch of people they are retarded and should mind their own business blah blah about her smoking weed…. She said they were retarded because they believe weed is bad for you and she thinks its good for you… THAT’S not the reason I deleted her. This same girl was also yelling at people on facebook saying stop drinking and doing drugs because they are bad for you. So alcohol, something legal and something that happened not only in the bible and something I think most people have consumed at some point in their life, is bad while weed, something illegal, is good… I’m not going to start my opinion on the legalization of it… but the logic didn’t make sense to me… not only that but she used strongly worded insults and drama to it… In fact most of her posts just screamed “DRAMA!” Reading those posts just kind of annoy me and frighten me that I know people like this… And that there’s people like this…
I used to believe to always be the most patient you can around people because its biblical… But I at times also think maybe the best thing you can do for both yourself and the other person is to get rid of them… mainly yourself…. Its also biblical to allow time for yourself. I probably have hurt people in the past without really knowing it… but I have always tried my hardest to be a good person and be patient with people… I had several friends from high school who probably didn’t make the best decisions… it’s okay to be friends with them, but I guess at times if they bring drama towards you its fair to just get rid of them. If I am close to the person I normally would discuss, but if they’re someone I hung out with a couple of times because they were in one of my classes, then I don’t feel as bad about doing it in secret.
Over the past years I have deleted a lot of people… I am not meaning to sound dramatic or crave attention by saying this, I simply want readers to know that it is okay at times to get rid of drama. As I mentioned before if you are close, talk to them about it and hope they want to work on it… If not you can still love them… but if its effecting your emotional state, I guess you might just have to take the heart break and say bye. Its unfortunate, but if you think about it like this, in a bad relationship you need to break up so you BOTH can move on in your lives… Friends are their for each other and if their not responding to you when they confront them, are they really their friend?
I have deleted someone who would have considered me close. I always tried to be patient with him, but this same person would always say really unkind things towards me and my friends. He would rely on me to hang out with him and sometimes I would… But it was always very tough. He was also a consecutive liar and at times started to seem threatening in a physical sense… I never was intimidated by it, but I had to get this person out. I have also deleted people who would comment things that would change the point of my posts completely in a negative, defensive way… meaning I would post about something like “liking cheese” then I would get comments like “If blah blah comes into power you will never have cheese again” then it would turn into a massive argument on my post and they would use strong language towards others…. These people were both people I talked to about the situation and I didn’t see anything happening, so I yeah, I wanted to get rid of them… Its okay to do that at times.
Anyway, thanks again for reading… Not a humorous post but one I wanted to express. If someones causing drama, are they worth it?


One thought on “Toxic People and hypocrisy

  1. i like the honesty in your article..i too thought it was ‘ungodly’ to delete people from your life or to reduce the amount of time you spend time with..but the bible clearly says “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.” (Matthew 7:6)

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