Christian posts on facebook

So to those who know me and have me on facebook, you may have notice I don’t post too many things Christian related there… But I do make blog posts that are Christian-themed and my tumblr account is very Christian themed (and Pokemon and other things I am a fan of-and sorry but my tumblr is private and you can’t follow it!)

I have reasons for not doing this on facebook…
Reason 1: The majority of bible versus I see on facebook are done in a passive aggressive way… They either post it in the comments or their status hoping a specific someone will see it and be “humbled” by it.
Reason 2: I have non-Christian friends… sure a lot of my Christian friends will say “all the more for you to post that” funny thing is, most of these non-Christian friends are either going to ignore it or just think “oh another preachy Christian guy.” So rather than saying all these preachy things on facebook, why not just… you know, act this way and let others notice it for you.
Reason 3: Its my own relationship with Christ. Not yours. I have noticed that when I was younger on facebook, I posted a lot of things “Christian” themed… But I was doing it for my Christian friends trying to show them how great of a Christian was… And I feel like I witness this on facebook often. Maybe I’m wrong, but sometimes it can come of that way.
Reason 4: you really can start arguments even between other Christians and they often say things that aren’t super Christian… I am done with having a hundred arguments on facebook over things that aren’t ever going to get resolved and seeing the other sides of people who say they have their own personal relationship with Christ.

Now in the end, I am not meaning to condemn anyone who does post these things on facebook… But really I want to ask, “are you really doing it for Christ?” I do occasionally post something about my faith on facebook. Maybe I could do a better job and post more, or maybe its wiser to not post much at all. But before I do I try to make sure I am doing it for the right reasons.


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