My Ambitions

So I have to say a lots happened and I really have been questioning what I want to do in life.
The two biggest things that helped me noticeably grow as a person are music and working with kids. Music I made friends and I felt like I was actually decent at something… When you’re not super athletic and get average grades its hard at times to have self-confidence. Being a camp counselor I had to really learn about stepping out of my comfort zone and it allowed me to be much more out going and also understand my limits…
Knowing those two things are the things that have helped me most, I have always assumed that I would have a career out of one or the other. Both big passions of mine… But now I am realizing just because something helped you doesn’t mean that thing is you’re calling… I knew for a while that I just wanted music to be more for fun than anything, because once it gets too professional its not fun for me anymore and really I wouldn’t get much money or any guarantees for not having fun.
I am still considering being a teacher… And this is VERY hard for me to say this but I might be reconsidering that role. I love kids and I am sure I will have opportunities… I feel like I would be one of the best teachers out there and I have had teachers agree with me on that… But knowing my habits and knowing I have a stronger passion in another field I am thinking that with those habits and that passion I might pursue that.
I like to write. Since a kid its been a dream to be a famous writer but I never really thought I would make it anywhere that and its always been hard for me to write a specific things over long courses of times…. But thanks to social networks and knowing that I work best at my own rate (well actually I am a VERY punctual person, I just get stressed with other schedules and lose certain kinds of creative energy) I am thinking about sticking with my dream of writing.
Writing is by far the one thing that has helped the most stressful days. Sometimes I just write about how I feel about life… Others its about how I feel about a movie or something… I write about everything already whether it just be in a notebook or on facebook… or on my blog… So am really thinking I might take up writing. I probably won’t be a novelist. But I want to be able to make a living something that I already do and like doing. I am not expecting my blog to go viral, but I am going to study ways to improve it and advertise it……
I also like to tell stories, like I have done on my youtube channel. Or I write out the non-stories too to have something else on there… I am the kind of person who always says I will try and this might just be sleep talking, but I am going to really “try” to pursue writing. Maybe my youtube channel will get bigger if I keep at it and I will be able to write scripts in the future for it. Maybe a publisher will take note of my blog and I will be able to work for some kind of company where I basically do what I am already doing… Or maybe some upcoming comedian will notice me and I will write his shows.
and the LAST thing I have to say about all this is that, yes I probably have spelling mistakes and what not in this post and others. Believe it or not I have always gotten A’s on grammar tests and don’t often have many errors in essays when I submit them…. But this is more casual and honestly as long as its READABLE I could careless about them and if you are a grammar nazi, I would kindly like to ask you to get over it… It could be that I grew up with members in the family who didn’t even know how to spell their hometown… or even some of the most basic words… But it annoys me more when people are annoyed by silly things.


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