Okay so here’s what I have to say about relationships.
First, I REALLY want to be in one. I feel (and I have been told by others) I am designed to be a family guy and I think I would be quite romantic and would make someone very happy… But I am being patient.
Second… I don’t get certain kinds of relationships. I saw this girl who was doing her hair on the bus and her boyfriend tapped her shoulder to tell her something. She goes on saying “why’d you do that my hair looks horrible” and goes on hitting him. And I see these kinds of things happen all the time in couples where they over react to silly things like this. And I don’t get why the person is dating them still. Yeah you might “love them” but sometimes a mutual heartbreak is essential for future happiness. You can’t change a person easily. And if you do want to stay together, I don’t get why you don’t just talk about it.
I also don’t get why people don’t communicate… And when you do they apparently don’t like that you’re trying to talk to them about important stuff. Honesty is important. If you get mad they aren’t honest then don’t get mad when they are… But I don’t really understand anger to be honest with you. When I watch movies where they have a fight over communicating and stuff I am always just thinking “why can’t you just be honest with each other and be happy about it. Not rude though just honest. The happier couples always seem to be more open with each other and do it in kind ways.
I also don’t get why they talk bad about their partner. Do you love them? Then why do you complain about everything they do? I would be very hurt if I knew my partner, someone I love, talked badly about me. Why can’t we just say positive things and again, if you’ve got a problem, go back to the being honest in a kind way but in a private place. Public its aggressive and also puts them in an awkward position, which you probably know it does hence why you do it in public.
Another thing, I love seeing people post cheesy pictures on facebook…. I don’t like large amounts of PDA, but if they’re like just kissing or holding hands and post a picture, thats cute and lets people know you actually do love each other and leaves friends worrying about your significant other. I don’t get why people get upset about it. Do you have issues so much that you are willing to let someone else’s life effect you in such a negative way? Once I get serious (and I mean serious) I will post stuff saying that I think they are beautiful and wonderful!
And as for large amounts of PDA…. making out hard in a hall full of people is not cute nor romantic, unless you might not see them again after that moment.
Anyway, maybe I am just way inexperience but I guess this is just how an observer on the side see’s things… I might be arrogant but I am excited to see who I find so I can show them off and prove you don’t need to have such an aggressive relationship with your partner. I might break up with a person, but who know’s?


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